How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

You don’t always have to travel to a gym to get a good workout.

There are items in your house to help you create a comparable exercise space for cardio

and strength training.

Forgo the expensive membership fees and fancy equipment and use everyday household

objects for a convenient and practical workout at home.

Many people think they need a full blown home gym (like the one pictured) but there are

plenty of cheap or free items around your house that you can use to build a great workout.

Use Sturdy Dining Chairs & a Table to Tone Your Arms

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

A sturdy chair can be used to help tone your arms.

Grab the back of the chair and perform tricep dips like you would on a bench at the gym.

As you lower your body down, make certain the bend in your elbows isn’t more than

ninety degrees.

Keep track of the number of reps by writing them down in a notebook or piece of paper.

Try to work in at least 3 sets of twelve reps to ensure your triceps feel a little burn.

Use your dining table for standing pushups.

If you practice proper form, you will feel the pectoral muscles tighten as well as the back

of your arms.

To add extra bonus to the exercise, squeeze your stomach inwards to build your abdominal

and stomach muscles.

Whittle Your Waist Away With a Broom

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

Waist twists are perfect for trimming your midsection.

Grab a broom and while seated, hold the broom behind your shoulders and twist it to the right

and then back to center.

From this point, twist to the left and then return to center.

Continue this pattern.

If you move slow and methodically with controlled movements you will notice your decreasing

pant size.

Target Quads With the Wall & Paper Plates

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

Place your back flat against the wall and make certain the bend of your knees positions you

\parallel to the floor (shoot for a ninety degree angle).

Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds or longer.

This simple, but effective exercise will strengthen your legs and build your quads and core.

Use plastic plates and place them under your right foot and then start in the lunge position.

Slide the plate across a smooth surface without lifting your legs.

Do the same maneuver on the left side.

This isometric exercise will help target your leg and quad muscles.

Lift Water Bottles to Exercise Biceps

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

Instead of tossing water bottles in the recycle bin, fill them with sand.

A 1.5 liter bottle of sand weighs approximately 3.3 pounds.

Take 2 bottles filled with sand and use them for bicep curls.

If you have soup cans in your pantry, they will work as well.

For a more challenging workout, empty out a gallon milk container and also fill it with sand.

This is the equivalent of thirteen pounds of weight, giving your biceps an extra burn.

Grab a Towel for Strengthening Shoulders & Stretching

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

A towel is an everyday household tool which you can use to help strengthen your shoulders.

Grab the end of the towel and straighten your arms over your head.

At the same time make certain you are holding each end about 18 inches apart.

Stretch and pull the towel to create resistance.

Hold for as long as you can and repeat.

Every workout needs a good stretch.

When you are finished, sit down, extend your legs and loop the towel around one of your

ankles and pull both ends and your leg toward your chest.

Repeat on the left leg.

You will feel the stretch in both hamstrings.

How to Create a DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

Think about how much time you will save by working out whenever you want with household

items in the convenience of your home.

Shelve the excuses and get moving today!

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Have you created your own DIY home gym?

What household items did you use?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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