How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

You’ve always dated women of your age or younger girls but this time you fell for a mature

woman and don’t know how to behave.

It’s OK that you have doubts and fears because this kind of woman requires a different


How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

How to date and build a relationship with a cougar (as older women dating younger

men are often referred to)?

Here are some tips for you from

Don’t try to appear older and more serious

How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

If you go out with an older woman, it doesn’t mean that you should wear a tie to look

more like the men of her age.

If she agreed to have a date with you, it means you attracted her.

It means that she liked your style, your looks, and your personality.

Probably, she found in you something that other men lack.

Think logically: she liked you for who you are so there is no reason to pretend.

Don’t feel underrated

How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

If you’re only a student yet and she is already a successful businesswoman, it shouldn’t

scare or belittle you.

She understands everything and the fact that she is with you proves that your social or

financial status is of no consequence to her.

If you are sincerely happy for her career success, if you admire and respect her, you’re

a confident person and you deserve her.

Also, successful women won’t date every guy they meet.

Only ambitious, talented, and promising men can turn them on.

Obviously, you’re that kind of men.

Keep your emotions under control

How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

Dating an older woman, be ready for some coldness or insensibility from her side.

If she doesn’t lose her head when she sees you or doesn’t send you dozens of messages every day,

it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care.

She is just a mature person.

Mature people totally control their feelings: they try to avoid big words and don’t make scenes.

You should realize and accept it.

If she doesn’t react to your romantic surprises in an exaggerated way, she is just past the stage for

being overemotional.

So, no offence.

Never mention your age gap

How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

Focus on her as a personality and forget that she is older than you.

You date because you’re interested in each other, so don’t spoil the things by emphasizing her age.

If you want to turn her off, just say something like “You’re very beautiful for … (reference to age)”.

At the same time, she can joke about your age difference.

Since cougars are sometimes frowned upon in society, her humorous attitude to your couple is

the way she shows the world that she realizes whom she dates and is comfortable with that.

Listen more, talk less

How to Date a Woman Who Is Older Than You

She is more experienced than you and you can really benefit from your relationship.

She can tell and show you a lot of interesting things, so you’d better be all ears.

Mature women are not afraid to say what works better for them in terms of sex.

Be ready to learn more.

If you touch upon a serious topic, this is the best time for listening and minimum

comments from your side.

If she wants a piece of advice, she’ll seek it from her best female friends.

Usually, these serious conversations indicate the gap between you.

If you don’t want to discredit yourself, just listen and nod.


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