How to Go Green In Your Home Office

You’re probably already taking greener steps by working from home – after all, you’re putting

one less car on the road when you give up your commute.

Switching to virtual, remote communication removes a lot of the need for printed hard copies

of important documents, and it’s easier to eat healthier from home than it is when you’re away.

You can always take things a step or two further by continuing to optimize your environment

to be conscious of the planet and conserving natural resources.

It’s no secret that offices generate a lot of waste, but if you’re mindful, yours doesn’t have to.

Utilize Natural Light
How to Go Green In Your Home Office

Natural light is your best friend.

The sun is free, and your office needs a lot of access to it.

Natural light is better for your eyesight and your circadian rhythm, and it doesn’t leave a toll

on your energy bill.

Your home office should be placed in an area with enough windows to prevent you from relying

on lamps during the daytime.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your apartment, you may want to consider renting a room

close to home that can be efficiently utilized as an office.

Upcycle Your Furniture

How to Go Green In Your Home Office

You need desks, chairs, and shelves.

It will be hard to get anything accomplished if you don’t have proper furniture or organization.

While it may feel tempting to make a trip to Ikea, you should resist the urge.

Craftier people might enjoy the tactile experience of building custom furniture out of recycled pallet wood.

If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, you can always buy older furniture second hand,

or repurpose things like milk crates for additional organization.

Limit Your Use of Paper Products

How to Go Green In Your Home Office

Home offices are most commonly used by remote workers or independent professionals.

Doing things your own way means you’re able to cut out some of the waste.

Always opt for digital documents.

Things that need to be signed are able to receive virtual signatures through programs like Adobe.

Scratch paper and notepads can be replaced by the backs of older paperwork.

When you’re done with any paper goods, don’t forget to recycle them.

Keeping a paper bin in your office will remind you to do so.

Use Mindful DecorationsHow to Go Green In Your Home Office

Since a green home office should have plenty of natural sunlight, making the most of that can be

more fruitful than you may have imagined.

Nobody wants a drab office space, and your decorations can be more than just aesthetic focal pieces.

Many people have office plants, but have you ever considered growing herbs?

They’re nice to look at, and they serve double duty.

Some basil and oregano close to a window will serve as fragrant decorations that you can harvest later.

Watch Your Power Consumption

How to Go Green In Your Home Office

There’s no way around needing vital electronic equipment, such as a computer and a printer.

If you’re working at night or on a dark day, you’re going to need to use some lights.

All you can do is make sure you’re not consuming an excessive amount of electricity.

Most newer office appliances come with an eco mode, or electricity-efficiency feature.

Make sure you’ve enabled this mode on all of your electronics.

Use high-efficiency daylight LED lightbulbs, and try to locate a single bulb close to your working

area rather than illuminating your whole office.

How to Go Green In Your Home Office

Sometimes, going green requires you to engage your creativity.

You’ll need to think outside of the box and come up with some innovative ways to re-envision

what a home office means, and the functionality you expect from one.


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It’s no secret that offices generate a lot of waste, but if you’re mindful, yours doesn’t have to. #greenhome #greenliving #homeoffice


It’s no secret that offices generate a lot of waste, but if you’re mindful, yours doesn’t have to. #greenhome #greenliving #homeoffice

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