How to Green Clean Your Bathroom Showerhead - Infographic

When was the last time you cleaned your showerhead?

I love to take showers, in fact, I enjoy them them more than baths.

While daydreaming under the relaxing spray, it is easy to overlook the fact showers too need to

be cleaned from time to time, in order to remove sediment, germs and mineral buildup–especially

due to hard water.

I was apparently lulled into complacency by the intoxicating stream.

How to Green Clean Your Bathroom Showerhead - Infographic

The truth is, mineral buildup affects your shower’s functionality and makes it less effective.

Hard water can also make your cleaning products less effective and leave your skin feeling itchy

and dry.

But worst of all, who knows what is in that water that spraying down on your face?

The bottom line is:

It is important to clean your showerhead routinely every one to two months, to avoid a buildup.

Did you know that you

can use a plastic baggie

filled with white vinegar

to clean your shower head?


I was not aware of this cool cleaning trick until I came home one day and my handy husband

proudly informed me that he was cleaning our apparently filthy showerhead using a method

that he had learned from watching his mother while he was growing up.

As the shower-lover in the family, I should have been the one to initiate this green cleaning ritual.

Was my face red!

Fortunately, my husband has been quietly doing this behind my back for years.

Thank goodness!

You should also clean your shower curtain to keep it free of dirt, germs, mold and mildew.

We use our homemade citrus vingear to clean our eco-friendly shower liner and bathroom surfaces.

By the way, if you do have hard water, you may want to consider installing a shower filtration

system which can improve the quality of your hard water and help to remove harsh chemicals

including chlorine.

Did you know that the amount of chlorine

that enters the body during a shower is

actually more than is consumed when

drinking unfiltered tap water?


That’s another alarming realization!

Want to learn more?

The handy infographic below illustrates a step-by-step, chemical-free solution for cleaning your showerhead.



Do you clean your showerhead?

What methods do you use?

Share your thoughts and comments with us?


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