How to Green Up Your House in 2016

This year, as you’re resolving to eat better and exercise regularly, to spend less and to save more,

why not add “be more eco-friendly” to your list?

Believe it or not, “greening up” your house and making the reduction of your carbon footprint

a priority can play well into the other resolutions you will likely be making.

It can even make it easier for you to keep those resolutions in the first place.


Here’s some proof.

Spend Less, Save More


How to Green Up Your House in 2016

We all want to spend less and save more.

Greening up your home offers you plenty of opportunities to do this.

How to Green Up Your House in 2016
Switch your utilities to natural gas or other renewable sources. 

If you live in a market with a deregulated industry, you can run a search on your local comparison

website to find a provider that offers you power from green sources at prices you can afford.

Even if your current market is still regulated, there are still options available.

Many companies will offer discounts to those who opt in to natural power or you could switch to

natural gas for your heating, cooling, and cooking.


How to Green Up Your House in 2016


Using less power and water will also help you simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint

and your utility bills.

Turning off the lights when you leave a room, hanging your clothes to dry instead of using the

dryer, washing only full loads of dishes and clothing, taking shorter showers, harvesting rainwater—

all of these things reduce your dependence on your municipal power and water supplies.

How to Green Up Your House in 2016

Composting is another great change you can make that will reduce your carbon footprint and help

you save money.

Building your own compost pile is incredibly easy and cheap and is better for your gardens than fertilizer.

And, if you live in an area that charges you for taking waste to the dump or by how much trash is picked up,

you’ll reduce your waste costs considerably too.

Eat Better, Exercise Regularly

How to Green Up Your House in 2016

Plant your own veggies, fruits, herbs, and spices.

This produce tastes better and is better for your body than factory farmed and dried alternatives.

You won’t have to worry about GMOs or pesticides, etc.

And, if you grow some of these plants indoors (herb gardens make great window boxes) you’ll help

improve the quality of the air you’re breathing.

You will also reduce the number of trips you need to make to the grocery store to buy recipe supplies

and to stock your pantry.

Gardening can also be great exercise if you have the space to plant more than small containers.

How to Green Up Your House in 2016

Instead of joining an expensive gym
to encourage you to exercise more often, get rid of your car

or, if that isn’t possible (not everybody lives in an area that is bicycle friendly or that has public transit),

commit to driving it as little as possible.

Walk anywhere within a mile or two of your home or office.

Bike anywhere within two to five miles.

Park at the far end of a parking lot instead of driving around looking for a closer spot.

You’ll dramatically reduce the amount of gas you’ll need for your car and, by extension, the amount

of exhaust you put into the atmosphere.
How to Green Up Your House in 2016

If possible, get into the habit of biking to and from work—leave your car for only those trips

where the entire family needs to travel together or you’re going to stock up on supplies.

If you can take public transit, do it.

You’ll get in some extra walking to and from your bus or train stops.

How to Green Up Your House in 2016
These are just some of the ways that making your house more green and eco-friendly can help you

keep your resolutions.


What are your favorite tricks for greening up your house and reducing your home’s carbon footprint?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.