There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of nipping out into the garden to pick fresh herbs to add to your lunch or dinner. But what if, like so many city-dwellers, you don’t have a garden? Or you’ve just never had much of a green thumb?

How to Grow Fresh Herbs on Your Windowsill


Growing herbs indoors, on your kitchen windowsill, is one the easiest and most rewarding things you can do! I’ve lived in the smallest of small city spaces, and I can honestly say it’s never deterred me from growing my own food. So many urbanites want to garden but feel that they can’t. And it’s such a shame.

How to Grow Fresh Herbs on Your Windowsill

The truth is that all it takes is a few pots, some good potting soil and a little love and attention every so often. You don’t even need that much-praised gardening trait: patience. You can pop out to the garden center, pick your favourite herbs, and have them all potted up on your windowsill in time to cook dinner.


“There’s nothing like the satisfaction of 

nipping out into the garden

to pick fresh herbs to

 add to your lunch or dinner.”


The below walks you through all of the steps involved in putting together your own little windowsill garden. The beauty of herbs is that they’re easy to grow. Because they’re mostly perennials (they don’t die back every year), you won’t have to replace them and they’ll produce leaves for you indefinitely. A little feeding is required every now and again, especially through the bright summer months, but that’s about it. Watering is a must too!

How to Grow Fresh Herbs on Your Windowsill
You can also be as wacky as you want in your choice of plants. A lot of people opt for the traditional choices – rosemary, sage, basil, thyme etc. – but you can always grow some more unusual edibles if you want to. What about that old favourite of the Romans, lovage? Or the supposedly magical plant yarrow? The choice is up to you!

Indoor Herb Gardening


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Dan lives in London. He loves all things plant-related and is constantly trying to maximise the harvest from his virtually nonexistent city space. He writes about urban gardening on his blog Urban Turnip.


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