How to Help Get  More Sustainable and Recycled Products  into Walmart?

Help get more sustainable and recycled content products into Walmart.

Green consumer demand can be a powerful force for change.
You’d be surprised how much good we can accomplish by harnessing the
power of the “big green purse”.
“According to BigGreenPurse.comthe more money you spend on green
products, the more you encourage manufacturers to reduce pollution, save
energy and water, use less packaging and protect natural areas.”
But, how many times have you gone to one of your favorite mass market retailers
or discount department stores hoping to find ethically-produced, sustainable
or recycled content products and left empty-handed?
Let’s face it, I’m at all not surprised about that…
But what did you do about it?
Did you voice your concerns to a supervisor?
• Did you add your request for more eco friendly products to their
suggestion box?
• Did you write a letter to management stating your case along with
ecofriendly product suggestions?
• Did you rally  eco conscious moms, neighbors and friends in your
community and organize a petition drive?

“Increasing consumer access to safe, non-toxic, ecofriendly and

sustainable products is good for our health and the environment.

But we can’t always find the products we need when we need them.

Fortunately, products made from sustainable and recycled content

are becoming more and more important to eco-conscious consumers

and businesses alike.

And retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club are listening.”

But action speaks louder than words.

The Big Eco Pitch to Walmart

Earth 911‘s sister company, Quest Resource Management Group is making
a bold move and taking decisive action.

How to Help Get  More Sustainable and Recycled Products  into Walmart?

Earth 911 and their sister company are on the look out for sustainable and recycled content products.
Photo: screen shot

On October 2, 2013, carefully-selected manufacturers/suppliers of sustainable and
recycled content products will be given the opportunity to showcase their unique
and innovative products to Walmart’s buyers and sustainability team at the
Sam’s Club Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.
In preparation for this rare and exclusive event, Quest is searching for the most
innovative sustainable products and products made from recycled content.
Consider this:

“Did you ever think the denim you are wearing this instant

could possibly be reused as insulation in the walls of your

home or office?

From cars to floors, or even handbags, the rubber in tires can have a

second life in a variety of ways. It’s true.

The very tires you have on your vehicle right now could possibly

be used in the future for things like mulch, backpacks, belts, wallets

and all kinds of other consumer goods.”

Help Get More Sustainable Products into Walmart

Quest is looking for unique solutions that could be used in consumer products or for
Walmart’s retail operations, including the company’s stores and clubs, distribution
centers and fleet of trucks.

How to Help Get More Sustainable and Recycled Products into Walmart?

Does your company manufacture unique products made from recycled content?

You can help…
If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions below,
Quest wants to hear from you!
Does your company manufacture unique products made from recycled content?
• Do your products promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste?
• Are your products made from sustainable materials that might be considered
• Do your products provide sustainable advantages for companies and
organizations to utilize as part of their construction or in daily operations?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above


if you feel that your products (or products that you are familiar with)

can add value as sustainable or recycled content or products ,

contact Lindsey Rattan at by July 19.

You can also email your suggestions to

Walmart Sustainability Goals

The good news is that the world’s largest retailer has made environmental
sustainability a integral part of doing business.
Walmart’s corporate social responsibility report is posted on their website
for public access.

How to Help Get  More Sustainable and Recycled Products  into Walmart.

Three core sustainability goals are integral to Walmart’s operations. Photo source: screen shot

“As the world’s largest retailer, our actions have the

potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better

world for generations to come.

We’ve set three aspirational sustainability goals:

1.To be supplied 100% by renewable energy

2. To create zero waste

3. To sell products that sustain people and the environment”

Walmart also maintains an online Sustainability Hub designed to serve as a
central location for Walmart associates, suppliers, and other partners to learn,
connect, inspire and drive sustainability through collaboration.

How to Help Get  More Sustainable and Recycled Products  into Walmart.

Walmart’s Sustainability hub is designed to make it easy to communicate products, suggestions,
ideas and success stories with Walmart. Photo source: screen shot

So Contact Quest Today

This is the real deal. And it doesn’t happen everyday.
A massive search is on for sustainable and recycled content products to
present at this important Walmart presentation.
And you could be a part of it.
What do you think of this initiative? Share you thoughts and suggestions with us.
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