As temperatures start to plummet towards the winter months, it’s important you keep warm while trying to keep the heating bill down to a minimum. Doing that is actually very easy; it just depends on how much willpower you have and what you’re willing to do to keep the heat close to your body. Here are a few excellent, simple tips to help keep you and your family warm this winter.


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Always Wear a Hat

How to Keep Warm this Winter

You lose a lot of heat from areas of skin that aren’t covered, and that includes your head. Just because you’re inside, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a hat, so always have one handy, even if you’re about to go to bed.


Keep That Ceiling Fan On

How to Keep Warm this Winter

It sounds like one of the most pointless tips in the world: keeping the ceiling fan on during the winter. However, it’s actually one of the best tips in this short guide. Warm air rises, so if you have your heating on it’s going to constantly escape through your ceiling, regardless of how good your insulation is. If you keep your ceiling fan on a very low setting, not only will you not feel the cold air blowing down, but it’ll also keep blowing the warm air back down, keeping you warm in the process.


Invest in a Thermostat

How to Keep Warm this Winter

Installing a smart thermostat could make the world of difference to your winter experience as a family and the now work with the latest cell phones, which means you can turn on the heating before you get in through the doors. A cold house through the day is an even colder one when you step in from work. The truth is, installing a smart thermostat isn’t that difficult at all, so you should strongly consider one for your family.


Clothe Your Windows & Doors

How to Keep Warm this Winter

If you feel a draft coming from underneath the door, make sure you get a couple of pool noodles to keep the heat in and the cold out. If you feel the same is happening through the window areas, consider investing in thicker, heavier curtains to try to . The simple additions are the ones that will really make a difference this winter.


Move Your Bed from the Exterior Wall

How to Keep Warm this Winter

If you’re getting chilly in the evenings, simply moving your bed away from the exterior wall could make the world of difference. Exteriors walls are often one of the coldest parts of a building, so why keep an area you want to be warm so close to it? As far as your bed covers are concerned, it’s crucial you keep your thinner ones on the outside and your warmer, thicker, fluffier ones on the inside to help condense heat.

There’s plenty you can do to and simply flicking the heating on can be avoided in most cases to keep the bills down. While the above tips are very affordable and simple, they can and will make a lot of difference this winter if keeping warm for a fraction of the cost is one of your top priorities.


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How to Keep Warm this Winter