How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

We all know that as the years roll on by, so do the trends in the way we do our makeup and hair.

From the roaring twenties when dark lined eyes and bright red lips were all the rage to poodle perms

of the eighties, where the bolder you were with your beauty regime, the better the result you ended up with.

Today, however, the beauty spectrum is broader than ever before and there are a variety of options out

there for women to choose from when looking to attain their most sought after look.

To fit in with the ever increasing standards of what is classed as beauty in modern society, more often

than not, women turn to cosmetic surgery and harsher products to enhance the features known to be

the most attractive.

Want to get rid of those muffin tops?

Try liposuction.

Not happy with your A cup?

Breast augmentation is the one for you.

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

Want taut young looking skin?

A face lift will work.

Using lip fillers will allow you to resemble those of Kylie Jenner’s…

Wearing eyelash extensions will accentuate your eyes…

Sporting semi-permanent makeup will give you that effortless look 24/7…

And a combination of hair perms and dyes can always brighten up your weary locks.

On the outside…The list goes on.

As well as this, Instagram is bursting with goddess-like celebrities flaunting their appearances

whilst YouTube is filled with an abundance of beauty tutorials which aim to teach you the ways

of extravagance and self-improvement.

For many, these are considered unrealistic and unnatural standards, which are blasted onto the

impressionable minds of today’s youngsters without thoughts of the consequences of doing so.

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

Is there a way of attaining ‘beauty’ in a more natural, healthy, and organic way?

The ‘falsie’ effect

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

While many ladies opt for the aforementioned beauty options to achieve that ‘perfect’ look,

they rarely consider the long-term effects of their choices.

In an attempt to look like the tanned underwear models who walk the Victoria’s Secret Show

each year, the large proportion of us ladies queue up for the UV coffins.

Admittedly, we do not get enough sun here in the UK, but is that skin glow really worth it?

If you really love chancing the possibility of turning a severe shade of blood orange, choose to

have a spray tan instead.

This is still hardly a healthy alternative for your skin due to the mass blockages of pores it causes.

But wait, it is not all doom and gloom, Valenti is just one of many natural tanning oils which will

create a golden glow using organically grown extra virgin coconut oil and vitamin E to moisturize

and soften skin, the organic way.

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

Hair is another  issue.

For example, going from curly to straight or vice versa every day whilst looking to maintain that

look that is the opposite to your natural one can do damage that sometimes cannot be reversed.

At the bare minimum, you will be spending lots of money on high quality, highly expensive salon

serums and treatments to deal with the dry, lifeless hair and numerous split ends, so there will

come a time whereby you ask yourself is it worth it anymore?

However, to those who feel more comfortable with the end result that tongs can create (forgoing

the negatives), a solution, is to devise a homemade hair mask using olive or coconut oil, which

can be just as good as the professional serums, natural, and cost a fraction of the price.

Just a tip, olive oil harnesses the DTH hormone which is responsible for the shrinkage of hair

follicle shafts.

This reduces the damage caused by over usage of chemical based hair care and will strengthen

the hair from root to tip.

This may be worth trying before applying excess heat.

Why should you incorporate organic products into your day to day beauty regime

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

Apart from the fact that it will be much better for your skin in the long-term, it could also have

various positive indirect effects on the world we live in.

Consider the amount of synthetic beauty products that are flushed down our drains and out into

the environment daily, and imagine how much better it would be if they were organic.

Companies that produce organic care products tend to obtain materials in a sustainable way,

so buying those items would not only benefit your skin but your conscience, too.

These sustainably sourced, high-quality products are more natural and kinder to your skin and

hair, thus, really should be considered if you have sensitive skin.

Even for those of us who are more dermatologically resilient, it is important to avoid harmful

ingredients and chemicals such as SLS, parabens,and formaldehyde.

For those of us who do not have chemistry degrees, more often than not there are various

certifications and labels on the packaging that could be a good indicator of how the product was

made and by using what, so it is probably a smart idea to spend some time familiarizing yourselves

with these.

To cut out the jargon, why not try homemade treatments and remedies?

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

Coconut oil has been trending worldwide for quite some time as a superfood, but it is also great

for your skin and hair.

Tea tree oil has been known for its antibacterial qualities and used to fight blemishes for centuries.

Why not take a hot bath and let the steam open up your pores so your homemade face mask is

more effective? Finish off with an all body coffee or milled oats scrub and go to bed feeling like

a natural goddess!

Understanding consequences of mainstream beauty products & overcoming them

How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way
Although organic beauty products have numerous benefits, they are not as widespread as they

have to compete with mainstream big brand merchandise which has much higher marketing budgets,

flashier packaging, and international branding.

The popular cosmetic products are never going to go away and women will always venture after them,

however, it is important to become accustomed to the effects of using certain products on your skin

and hair.

Most women enjoy dyeing their hair.

For some it is merely to conceal their greys, for others, it’s a way of expressing themselves, whilst most

find it is a quick fix to evolving their identity without committing to something more permanent.

Bold colour changes always feel like a fresh start.

And while it is very exciting waiting those long 25 minutes for the pigment to do its magic, many could

be left disappointed.

There are a few considerations you need to take into account to make your fresh start a success and this

could be aided with the help of henna rather than leading salon brands.


“Companies that produce organic care products

tend to obtain materials in a sustainable way,

so buying those items would not only benefit

your skin but your conscience, too.”



How to Make Yourself Look Beautiful, The Organic Way

The benefits of organic care products for skin, hair and environment are undeniable, yet many

will still prefer to buy well-known cosmetics with questionable benefits and go for harsh treatments

to achieve that “perfect” look.

It might be a quick and easy fix, but think about the long run.

If you are kind to your skin and hair now they will surely be kind to you in the years to come.


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