A kitchen needs to be flexible, efficient, and appropriately designed to make your daily activities simple and enjoyable, and do just that. With streamlined, matching cabinets running from one wall to the other, these kitchens are fixed with in-built cabinets and other necessary equipment. 

You may feel that you are using all the space for storage, but there can still be ways to get even more space from a fitted kitchen. While they offer decent counter and storage space, you can use these tips and tricks to maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity. Here’s how.



Use the Space Above Cabinets

If your fitted kitchen is not going all the way up to the ceiling, you must have some open space on the top that you can use to store utensils and equipment you’ll use only once in a while, such as your cake stand or stockpot. If stuffing things like that seem unsightly, you can also get a covered shelf that you can hang there.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Fitted Kitchens

Use Open Space on Your Kitchen Walls

If there is an open wall in your kitchen, don’t let it go like that. Install pegboards on them to create new storage spaces without much effort. You can even add an extra shelf or a fold-down table in that area to use up that extra space you are blessed with.



Install Magnetic Knife Strips

A magnetic knife strip is an excellent solution to store not just your knives, but much more. If you have limited counter space, remove that knife block that must be consuming a bulk area and instead stick them on a magnetic strip overhead. Not just knives, but you can stick anything with metal on them, such as your pot lids and sieves.


Add More Storage Shelves Inside the Cabinets

Dishes may stack up so high in the cabinets that they soon start looking unorganized. Most of the cabinets in fitted kitchens have adjustable shelves so that you can remove some or add more to them and create more storage space. You may even hang baskets below the shelf to keep things sorted.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Fitted Kitchens

Use Open Sides of Your Cabinets

If one side of your cabinet is not fitted against a wall, you can use the open space to install shelves. You may also install a pegboard or magnetic strip on that side to stick some items. Fixing a spice rack can give you a decent space to keep smaller things within reach.



Use Inner Side of Your Cabinet Doors

The inner side of cabinet doors is perhaps the most underrated part that can be used for storage in your fitted kitchen. You can nail a few hooks on this part to hang your potholders and dish towels. You can also install an organizer and hang it over your cabinet door to keep little tidbits.


Install Tension Rods

Tension rods are fantastic organization tools you can install in different parts of your kitchen. Install one under the sink to hang towels and cleaning supplies. Arrange some of them vertically and hang your baking sheets and cooling racks on them.

How to Maximize Storage Space in Fitted Kitchens

Build a Pull-Out Pantry

If there is still some free space on your kitchen wall, you can consider building a pull-out pantry there. You can buy a readymade one or ask a carpenter to create one as per the space available. You can access the space from either side and have adequate storage for spice jars, oils, or food cans.



When it comes to additional storage space in your fitted kitchen, it can be made possible in many ways. Develop a suitable plan and use these tips to meet your storage needs. With these tips, putting together your kitchen of choice is made easier than ever.


What are your tips for creating sufficient kitchen storage?

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