How To Open a Pomegranate: Let Me Count the Ways.
I love the taste of pomegranate juice and appreciate it’s powerful health nutritional benefits,

but I have always been a little overwhelmed by the prospect of opening a pomegranate myself.

So I decided to learn how to open a pomegranate properly in order to use fresh seasonal pomegranates

to make juices, smoothies and other delicious recipes.

A little research revealed that there are several approaches to opening this nutrient-rich fruit.

Here are 3 approaches below..

Which method works best for you?

You decide…

1. How to Deseed a Pomegranate Tutorial

This lively video takes me back to my time in Istanbul where I was able to buy fresh-pressed
pomegranate juice from a street vendor much like the one you see here.

2. How to Seed a Pomegranate Using Water

Some people prefer to use the water immersion method to remove the seeds.

1. First, use a sharp knife to cut the crown off the pomegranate, removing some of the pith

along with it.

Be careful not to pierce the seeds within.

2. Then, lightly score the skin in quarters from stem to crown end.

3. Immerse the scored fruit in a bowl of cool water then soak for 5 minutes.

4. Hold the fruit under water, then break sections apart with your fingers, separating the

seeds from membrane.

5. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl.

6. Next, discard skin and membranes.

7. Finally, drain the seeds and dry on paper towels.

3. How to Open a Pomegranate in 5 Easy Steps

This infographic illustrates 5 steps to opening a pomegranate quickly and easily.

How to Open a Pomegranate

Infographic source – Visually.

How do you prefer to open your pomegranates? Share your thoughts with us.