How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is awful and causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Preparing your own foods at home can decrease your risk of eating contaminated food if you know how to handle your food properly. Eating in restaurants can make it hard for individuals to prevent food poisoning because it’s not always easy to find out how the chefs prepare meals. If you’ve ever gotten sick with food poisoning from bad food sold in a grocery store or served at a restaurant, you could make a successful claim with .

Always Make Sure Meat is Fresh and Cooked Thoroughly


How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is often caused by meat that isn’t cooked thoroughly or has gone bad. Always smell meat before cooking it. If it has any sort of foul smell to it, throw it out. It can be really hard to know if your meat is bad if you don’t actually get up close to it and give it a few sniffs. Before determining your meat is thoroughly cooked, use a meat thermometer to ensure it has reached the desired temperature. It’s also important to know how to properly store and thaw out your meat. You should always thaw out your meat in a refrigerator rather than at room temperature.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Preventing cross-contamination begins before you even get home from the grocery store. Always separate poultry, fish, and raw meat from the other foods in the shopping cart and bag them separately. When you’re preparing food, it’s important to keep your hands and surfaces clean. Use soap and hot water to wash your hands before touching meat and properly wash them afterwards too. Only use clean cutting boards, dish towels, utensils, and anything you might use while preparing food.

Wash Raw Fruits and Vegetables Thoroughly


How to Prevent Food Poisoning

To prevent food-borne illnesses, it’s also important to make sure you wash your raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Don’t soak your product in water; instead, rinse everything under running water. Foods with rough surfaces such as potatoes should be rinsed and scrubbed. Raw vegetables come from the ground and can come in contact with many contaminants in the dirt they grow in. There is also a chance of residual pesticides on the surface of your fruits and vegetables, so always make sure you wash them properly.

Preventing Food Poisoning At Restaurants

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

There are some things you can do to try and prevent getting sick with a food-borne illness while eating at a restaurant. Some things to remember when eating out are:

· Avoid eating fish on a Monday

· Avoid salad bars

· Try to stick with ordering the most popular items on menu

· Be cautious when ordering specials

· Make sure they have clean bathrooms


“Food poisoning can often be avoided by

using caution and making sure everything

is cooked thoroughly or by going vegan.”


Another thing you can do is smell your food before eating it. Don’t worry about how you look to other customers in the restaurant. Your safety is more important. If your food has any sort of odd smell to it, don’t hesitate to send it back.

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

In most cases, food poisoning can be avoided by using caution and making sure everything is cooked thoroughly. Going vegan is a great way to prevent getting food-borne illnesses and it can offer you a large variety of important vitamins and minerals. Eating at home is one of the best ways to ensure your food is cooked properly, but if you like eating out, just use caution to avoid getting sick. Always remember that if you get a food-borne illness through no fault of your own, you can file a successful lawsuit.


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