How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis

As your dog ages, he or she is susceptible to developing arthritis.

Arthritis involves inflammation that can affect your pet’s joints and make it difficult

for him or her to move.

Arthritis can be painful for your furry friend and something he or she could have to

take medication for.

Once arthritis is present, it can’t be reversed or cured.

So how can you help to prevent arthritis before it starts?


How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis

The inflammation that arthritis causes can damage your pet’s joints—this is similar to

what happens in people.

An injury to one of your dog’s joints could affect him or her getting arthritis.

You can prevent injuries by keeping your dog safe during playtime as well as on walks

on outings.

If your pet does have an injury of any kind, schedule an appointment with your vet to

get treatment.

Even if the injury seems to heal itself, you’ll still want to ensure no lasting damage has

been done to your dog’s joints.

Preventing injuries and taking care of them with veterinary medical attention when they

do happen can help stop arthritis.


How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis
Your dog could also have an infection that could lead to arthritis, such as Lyme’s disease

or a bacterial infection.

Getting your pet vaccinated against Lyme’s and other tick infections can be an important

step in preventing arthritis.

Visit your vet to see what you can do to prevent your pet from getting infections from tick

bites as well as bacterial infections!

How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis

Your pet’s diet is an important factor when it comes to arthritis.

A diet high in grains could promote inflammation.

Try to balance your pet’s diet by getting a quality food.

You may also consider an omega-3 supplement in order to promote healthy joint function.

This could be fish oil or another oil rich in omega-3s, such as camelina oil.

Talk with your veterinarian about what other supplements you can incorporate into your

dog’s diet for joint health, such as glucosamine or turmeric.

Your dog will likely love getting these supplements in addition to their healthy food, and

it can help prevent arthritis!

A Healthy Weight

How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight and getting him or her the recommended amount

of exercise can help to stop arthritis from happening!

Talk with your veterinarian to see how much exercise your pet should get per day based

on their current health, age, and any issues your pet may have.

Keeping your dog from being overweight could mean the difference between them getting

arthritis later in life and not getting it.

Ensure their diet is optimal and that he or she is getting enough exercise.

Remember, dogs are made to move!

How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Arthritis

in Nashville, Tennessee knows

that arthritis in pets is more successful with earlier treatments.



“Arthritis is a progressive disease with

many treatments available.

The earlier the treatment begins the

more successful it will be.”



No dog is safe from arthritis.

It can happen at any age due to autoimmune disorders or developmental disorders.

There are things you can do to help prevent it though—talk with your veterinarian

to see how you can keep your pet at an optimal weight, get him or her enough exercise,

and prevent injuries and infections.

Help stop arthritis before it starts!


Has your dog suffered from injuries, infections or arthritis?

What have you done to help prevent arthritis in your dog?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.