We love our homes yet every now and then we like to change it up a bit. Here at Urban Naturale we do our best to find the simplest and most inexpensive ways to help you mix up your living space. Whether it’s creating a greener garden or redesigning your bedroom, we want to help you achieve these goals without sending you to the poor house. 

Even though the majority of our time is spent in the bedroom, we don’t remember most of it because we are sleeping. If you are a person who gets their full eight hours a night then that means, at the very least, you spend a third of your 24 allotted hours in your bedroom. In fact, when you factor in changing clothes and getting ready, the reality is, we probably spend most of our time every day in our bedroom. We just aren’t conscious for most of that time.


“For many of us, the majority of

our time is spent in the bedroom. 

Here are some easy tips for redecorating

your own bedroom without 

spending a lot of cash.”


So, when we aren’t happy with the state of that room it can bleed out to our life when we aren’t in the bedroom. Say it’s too crowded with things you and your partner have accumulated over the years. Or it’s so outdated you feel the room is in need of an overhaul. Whatever the reason may be, you want to redecorate but spending a lot of cash at this time is just not in the cards.

No worries. Here are some tips on redesigning your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Look For Coupons and Sales

How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Who doesn’t love a great sale? We sure do. So check through the internet or in your local paper. Places like Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target are constantly putting things on sale. Just because it’s considered “last season” doesn’t mean it’s not any good. Look over the clearance aisles and see if something calls to you.

Bedding, draperies, and knick-knacks are not the only things that are available on sale or with a coupon. This  offers a great deal from The Sleep Judge on the Nectar Mattress, a quality memory foam mattress that is also affordable. Especially with the attached coupon. 


How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Minimalism is all the rage today. The  of creating an environment where there are less things and more space to breath are endless. Stuff accumulates. Stuff gets out of hand and before you know it you are drowning in stuff. This is the least expensive way to redesign your bedroom because it doesn’t cost anything to get rid of things.

Plus, there are great many positive aspects to living a minimalist lifestyle. Not only does it free up room in your boudoir, it will clear your head and help you center with your inner self. You will feel no need to keep up with the Joneses anymore, or the Kardashians for that matter. And you will find the room much more relaxing without so much stuff in it.  

Throw Some Paint On It

How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Maybe your room just needs . You will be amazed at the difference a coat of color can bring to a room. Maybe your room is a boring white or the color on the wall is dark and depressing. Paint is relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your room.

You can even go with a couple of fun colors and alternate walls, or use a bright color for the trim and window frames. In fact, the walls aren’t the only thing that can be painted. A fresh coat of paint on that rocking chair or antique dresser could also give your bedroom a brand new look. 

Get Some New Art

How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

What do you have hanging on the walls of your bedroom? Are they blank or are there some old posters or outdated prints hanging on them? If so, head out to the local thrift shop or to one of the department stores we mentioned and get some affordable art.

Of course, don’t just buy anything to have art. The pieces you put on your walls should speak to you and reflect the things in life you love. If you love beaches a nice painting of a sandy scene with a setting sun might work. The best part is that art does not have to be expensive. Check out some local artists in coffee shops around town. Not only will you be supporting a budding artist, you’ll save a bundle. Just don’t overdo it with the art. Remember, less is more.

Try Some New Pillows

How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

Nothing draws more attention in the bedroom than the bed. This is why changing the bedding is important when you want to redecorate. Once you’ve picked out some inexpensive bedding, or if you aren’t into spending that kind of money, then try adding some new throw pillows around the room.

If you don’t want to spend money on new pillows then you can buy pillow covers to go over the ones you already have. If you are super crafty then you can make your own with some fabric, thread, and a sewing machine. New patterns will give you the new bedroom you are looking for.

Move It Around

How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank

The cheapest way to redesign your bedroom is to rearrange it. Take the bed away from the wall and move it under the window. Or if your bed is under the window, put it in a place where the window is the first thing you look out of when you wake up. If you move it around you will find that your bedroom will have a whole new look.


What are your favorite ways to redesign your bedroom on a budget?

Share your thoughts, tips and comments with us.



How To Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking the Bank