We all live very busy lives with so much going on with work, our families and our home life. In saying that, it is difficult to ignore what is going on around us in terms of climate change. Experts have explained that weather patterns are in flux and as a result of many man-made issues, the environment is being damaged and is having an impact on the world around us.



While it can be difficult to accept that our behaviors have a direct impact on things like this, we need to understand that even small changes in our daily behaviors can be positive. These changes begin at home because we can implement widespread changes within the home that will influence our family’s behavior also. In the home, it’s all about waste prevention as opposed to waste management.



Bea Johnson, a woman who is originally from France, began the zero waste movement within her own family back in 2008. Now living in the USA, she has published books on the topic including “Zero Waste Home”  and continues to promote the movement via public appearances and her blog. She explains how easy it is to take this “waste prevention” approach as opposed to “waste management”.

How to Reduce Waste by Creating a Zero Waste Home

Key Tips to Help You Reduce Waste

In a zero waste home, it’s all about waste prevention as opposed to waste management. This helpful infographic from EZ Living Interiors outlines the concept of Zero Waste Homes.


  • explains the zero waste concept
  • details the reasons why we should aim for a zero waste home
  • breaks down the zero waste hierarchy
  • highlights the 5 R’s of zero waste
  • outlines 5 actionable ways to implement a zero waste home

Check out the full infographic below!


How to Reduce Waste by Creating a Zero Waste Home  -  Reducing, reusing and recycling by creating a zero waste home can be a key part of a climate change strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. #reducewaste  #zerowaste  #zerowastehome  #reduce  #reuse  #recycle  #ecofriendly  #climatechange  #reducegreenhousegases

Infographic courtesy of EZ Living Interiors


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