How to Shop & Save in an Eco-Friendly Way

In these modern times, when everything is becoming more and more consumer-friendly,

not all of us think about the environment.

Fortunately, people who really care about their surroundings and the future of the Earth

are looking for new and alternative ways to get things without harming Mother Nature.

Want to do that too?

Then read these simple green tips and start making a change at your house, first–and then

spread the word to others!

Together, we can make a “greener Earth”–if we all just act a little differently!


“People who really care about

their surroundings and

the future of  the Earth 

are looking for new and 

alternative ways to get things

without harming Mother Nature.”


Shop in a Group


How to Shop & Save in an Eco-Friendly Way
By saying that, I mean before going to a store, you should ask your neighbors or friends if

they are planning a shopping trip too.

This way you can, first of all, reduce your gas consumption.

Or you can have a great time by shopping online with your friends!

Or you can just shop for them.

They can e-mail you a list and it’ll save them a trip.

It’ll be their turn next time!

And so on!

It is super green and environmentally-friendly and it also creates a friendly neighborhood too.

Alternatively, carpooling with a couple of girlfriends–and enjoying a good gossip on the

way– is also a greener way to shop.

Shop Online

How to Shop & Save in an Eco-Friendly Way
Another great–and super environmentally friendly–way to shop is to use all the benefits of

online shopping.

It not only saves you time, energy and fuel but also lets you save a great amount

of cash!


First, you won’t be using any gas to get to the store, because you shop at home.

Secondly, you don’t have to use a shower to bathe before the trip to the store.

Thirdly, you can also use various online coupons to reduce the price tag even more.

Even if you are just looking for some additional car parts, you can find a bunch of coupons

to use that will save you money instantly.

For instance, take a look at some of Advance Auto Parts coupons to shop online from


With these coupons you can save 30% off purchases of $50 or more and even get

free shipping.

So shopping online is definitely a green way to shop.

Take a Better Look at Products

How to Shop & Save in an Eco-Friendly Way

You can also be more eco-friendly if you just take a better look at products you are going to buy.

First, check the labels of personal goods, cosmetics, cleaning products, and food to be sure

that you do not buy items with toxic, or suspected, toxic ingredients.

Also, buy less processed foods to avoid any unnecessary packaging that you will throw

away anyway.

Usually, the amount of packaging used for products is way too much, and it is just not eco-friendly at all.

So, if you want to make a change, start saying “no” to over-packed products and make little differences

by yourself.

How to Shop & Save in an Eco-Friendly Way
So here are just a few tips to help you make your shopping more environmentally-friendly.

It is really all up to you–as much as you want to use them.

You can also find many other ways to reduce expenses and energy consumption in order to make

at least a small difference in your shopping habits each day.

We can only hope that by following these eco-friendly living tips–and encouraging others to do

the same–the Earth will be a more beautiful and greener place to live!

Remember: Each small green step we take, adds up to make a significant

difference in the health of  our environment.


What are you doing to shop and save in a more eco-friendly way?

Share your suggestions, thoughts and comments with us.