Whether the new season hits your area with a ton of gorgeous leaves on the ground or you don’t have a change of weather and palm trees keep on keeping on, it is very important that you take good care of your lawn. When your lawn looks good it enhances the appeal of your home, which adds to the appeal of the neighborhood. Not that we care what anyone thinks but, just like a clean organized house give us a sense of accomplishment, a tidy lawn has the same effect.

There are certain duties required by the lawn owner to keep up a nice looking section of grass and here at Urban Naturale we like to achieve our goals the green way. Nothing will make us happier than if all of our readers had green lawns kept luscious with green methods. With that in mind, let’s get to it.


“Just like a clean organized house gives

us a sense of accomplishment, a tidy, 

eco-friendly lawn has the same effect.”


Mow It Regularly

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

It may seem like using a lawn mower on a regular basis isn’t that green when you consider gas and oil. There are quite of few green mowers on the market for your to choose from. When you mow your lawn regularly your yard will always look neat and clean. While we love a great rainforest overgrown yards don’t have the same feel and are harder to keep up.

While overgrown yards have the jungle appeal keeping them that way creates more work for yourself. Weeds can get out of control and before you know it you have no idea what is growing around your home. When you mow the lawn it keeps your grass looking healthy.

If fall means leaves on your lawn rake them and keep mowing. This will prevent the grass from browning when the leaves cover it during the winter. Just make sure to put your mower on the lowest setting the last few times you mow the lawn.

Get An Electric Weed Eater

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

This device will be able to cut your mowing time in half. Not only is an electric string trimmer easier to use it weighs much less than a mower and allows you to be more precise. Also, they are electric so the impact on the environment is so much less than a gas powered mower. They don’t emit any toxic gases into our environment or your lungs. (Image source:)

Another plus of electric string trimmers is how quiet they are. Have you ever wanted to get some yard work done early on a Saturday morning but put it off because you didn’t want to wake up the neighbors? With this you can work at anytime and no one will be the wiser.

Don’t Develop A Pattern

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

When you are mowing make sure to go in the opposite direction or pattern than you did the last time. This prevents compression of the ground beneath the grass. This can create a rut, which, in combination with soil that has been compacted can hurt your grass. Besides, weeds love compressed dirt.

Sharpen It

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

Every so often make sure to sharpen the blade on your mower. A sharp mower blade makes a clean cut in the grass instead of tearing it. When the grass is torn opposed to cut in a clean way without jagged edges, the grass is more susceptible to insects and disease. This can cause your grass to brown or even blacken.

It’s Not The Same In The Shade

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

When you have areas of your lawn that are shaded more than not keep your mower on a higher setting. When the blades of grass are longer there is more opportunity to for photosynthesis, the function all green plants have that turns carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breath. These blades don’t have the same sun option and need a greater canvas on which to work.

Even if you are choosing a lower setting for sunny areas keep the setting high in the shade so your lawn stays green in those areas.

Dry Grass Is Best For Mowing

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

If you can, try to mow your lawn when the ground isn’t wet. While mowing wet grass doesn’t put the lawn in danger it isn’t the best idea for your mower. It can also cause you to cut the lawn unevenly because clumps of wet grass can stick to the blade.

Water It

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

Keeping the soil moist isn’t simple for folks in some areas of the world. If you live in an area where water is scarce then get a rain bucket. Check with your local government about regulations for such a thing but this method of watering is great for the environment and water conservation.

Start Composting

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

Creating a compost with your grass clippings is a great way to recycle old yard waste. The results in the compost can help grow your vegetable garden or flower beds. If you don’t already compost there are several bucket models on the market that can be purchased for under $50. The results of composting is great for your garden.

Trim The Bushes and Pull The Weeds

How To Take Care of Your Lawn

When the things around your lawn like bushes, flowers, and gardens are kept up then your lawn will look spectacular. Keeping a nice lawn shows how much pride you have in your home and with these green tips achieving that great lawn shouldn’t be hard.


What are your favorite eco-friendly lawn care tips?

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How To Take Care of Your Lawn