For women who are used to traveling alone, they can tell you that the whole thing can be fun and independent provided that you settle for a cheap holiday destination that is safe for solo female travelers. However, traveling can be a bit tough for women who have never traveled alone before.



Why women should travel alone

How to Travel Alone As a Woman Safely 

  • Enjoy uninterrupted freedom

There is nothing that feels better than having all the freedom on where to visit, how to spend all of your holiday time, the people to interact with, what to eat —  not to mention that you get time to discover your likes and dislikes..

  • Create room to find a soul mate

For singles especially, the best time to find your Mr. Right is when traveling alone. When alone and in a holiday mood, you open doors to be spotted by your dream man or rather by new friends. Also, traveling alone boosts self-confidence. and it’s a time to explore what life has to offer.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

Family women especially know that family responsibilities are overwhelming. You can check for destinations nearby to enjoy some peace of mind far from kids, your husband, and other people.


Where to travel as a single woman

How to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint While Traveling 

Here are some of the safest places for a single woman:

  • Iceland

Women and beauty are inseparable and every single woman would really find the idea of visiting a place defined by natural beauty quite tempting. Iceland is the epitome of beauty and it is home to Reykjavik, a city widely known for its mind-blowing music scene and a fantastic nightlife.

  • Switzerland

Splendid mountain views, sweet and eye-catching flowers — not to mention the Rhone river backdrops – are some the benefits of visiting Switzerland. Of course, you wouldn`t mind visiting the most scenic country.

  • Australia

If you got a natural love for wide life plus breathtaking landscapes, then you need to book a flight to Australia. You can also enjoy a hike to Kata Tjuta as well as Valley of the winds and the place is very safe for lone female travelers.


Our tips for solo travelers

How to Travel Alone As a Woman Safely 

Here are tips that will help any solo female traveler:

  • Select your target destination with a goal

Traveling is more fun and easier if you understand the reason why you want to travel. At least know what inspired you to plan the journey and what you expect. This will give you a fulfilling traveling experience.

  • Plan well

Travelling can be quite frustrating if you plan carelessly. For instance, you can book a room beforehand to avoid inconveniences on your first night. Plan your time so that you know your arrival and departure time. Also, do your calculations well to avoid running out of money in a foreign place. The frustration is unbearable.

  • Pack light

It isn’t as if you relocating with all your household stuff. Just pack light to avoid the stress that comes with carrying heavy loads. Just carry the necessities.

Finally, solo traveling is supposed to be fun and adventurous. Nothing should stop you from enjoying the moment. Get to know who you are during those lone holidays and come back home rejuvenated to continue with your normal life.


What are your favorite tips for traveling alone safely?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



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