Trimming your trees and taking care of them can help you increase the market value of your home. Yes, the time and effort you invest into taking care of your plants outside the home can come in handy when you are selling the house. If you believe this, then you better read the following, it will explain everything properly.



Basic Benefits of Having Trees

How Trimmed Trees Can Improve Property Value

Trees and plants are a major reason why we are still alive today, they provide us with fresh air. Yes, plants and trees help to clean up the air. Apart from that, they offer the following benefits:

helps to improve the energy efficiency of a home–as it protects from harsh winds in both cold and warm weather

  • They offer shade from sun rays and heat in the hot season
  • Without small pieces of debris falling around your house from unkempt trees will help to fight off stress and anxiety knowing your property is tidy
  • Your neighbors will appreciate you more for having a well kept property

They Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

How Trimmed Trees Can Improve Property Value

Curb Appeal translates to how attractive your house (or real estate property) looks from the outside. A potential buyer always look at the outside view of your property at first. So, it’s important you make a lasting impression.

We’ve consulted with to find out that improving the curb appeal of your property helps to improve its market value. As more people will show interest in buying your property because you took your time to maintain it, decorate it and make it presentable, you can get a good return for your effort.

There are several studies that prove that properties with good landscaping and maintained trees attract more buyers. They make it easy for you to get a premium price.  The proximity of healthy and beautiful greenery help to increase your property’s value. Tree cover can help you increase your property’s value by 7%.

They can also help save on energy depending on how well you place them. Trees do have a direct effect on your energy use and resource conservation. So if you want to get a decent price for selling your property, you might as well decorate it with big and healthy trees. This will help you improve your property’s current market value.


The Bottom Line

How Trimmed Trees Can Improve Property Value


The bottom line is, it pays off to preserve Mother Nature.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to decorate the outside of your property, or you just like having greenery around, it pays of in every scenario. So, you better spend some time on it.


Do you have trees on your property?

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How Trimmed Trees Can Improve Property Value -  Tree trimming helps to increase the market value of your home and improve your home's energy efficiency. Trees have a direct effect on your energy use and resource conservation. #trees  #trimmedtrees  #home  #yard  #curbappeal  #energyefficiency   #propertyvalue