Landlording can be with the right strategies in place. Even so, some factors can and will curtail earnings if your measures aren’t tailored for maximum profits.

Fortunately, managing applications and leases has never been easier. Handy software is available to assist landlords through the entire renting process, from marketing to tenant screenings, seamlessly. With this much-needed boost, renters can turn their attention to what will contribute to their positive cash flow along the way.


“Use these 3 simple tips

when renting your

next property.”


Without further ado, here are three ways you can increase your rental income, and of course, avoid losing money.

Protecting Your Real Estate Property

No tenant? Market your property fast

Vacancies can quickly become a landlord’s worst nightmare if not filled in due time. Even without a tenant living in the property, they still need to cover the necessary expenses such as insurance, mortgage, and taxes to keep the business up and running. These prices will affect income, so the best approach is to fill that vacancy pronto.

To market your property fast and efficiently, you need to create a quality listing on prominent websites that will draw in potential applicants. Attractive, good-quality pictures of your rental are a must to draw their attention. Also, make your property easy to find! Post your listing all over the web on the most authoritative rental websites out there.

Another essential step is to select your tenants wisely. You’ll receive many applications, so be sure to analyze them all thoroughly, and have your applicants’ background checked. For those who want to rent quickly, this may seem like an unnecessary step, but you could pay the price later.

By choosing a trustworthy tenant, you won’t have to worry about unlawful and prejudicial actions that could impair your profits. for tenant eviction include nonpayment (or late payment) of rent and property damage, and both can cost you.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Think again. You can use a to do all of this, without complications.

Increase Rental Income in Three Easy Steps

Make all repairs as early as possible

As a landlord, you should preferably fix everything that needs to be fixed before putting your property out on the market. For example, those seemingly harmless stains down your walls could deteriorate the structure over time, and increase your repair costs by the day. In this case, be certain to install leak-proof roofing beforehand to prevent that. Consult qualified, local services for more information, like a , for example.

Even if you opt for not paying, your tenants could resort to the “repair and deduct” tactic, in which they’ll pay for the damage out of their own pockets, but pay less rent the next month as a compensation. It’s fair, yet preventable.

To increase your income, you need to avoid the previous situation at all costs. That’s why regular property inspections are necessary: you can detect any kind of issues in earlier stages, thus keeping clear of unnecessarily high expenses. Invest your money in fending off mishaps to save thousands of dollars down the line.

Increase Rental Income in Three Easy Steps

Set a competitive price

Not too high, not too low. For mostly everyone, buying a house in the US is , so skyscraping prices won’t help your sales. However, you’re focused on your income, and underpricing won’t reach the desired results. What now?

You can reach an ideal yet reasonable price by letting your property. Some landlords take full charge in finding their tenants, while others prefer to hire letting agents who will review their houses to discuss fair pricing.

In both cases, the landlord should stay up to date with the local market, as well as the prices of homes for sale in the area. This way, you can set a tempting price that adds to your earnings, while also allowing an applicant to call your property their next home.

Increase Rental Income in Three Easy Steps

Use these simple tips when renting your next property. Every dollar counts, so prevent hindrances and do the hard work in advance to keep your money coming.


What are your favorite tips for increasing rental income?

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