Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

The idea of a beautiful lush green garden titillates the imagination of many urban dwellers.

Having a getaway spot from the busy city life is essential for reducing the stress and staying

in touch with the nature.

With a limited or no backyard space, gardening in an urban environment seems challenging

and unrealistic.

If you are one of those lucky people who own a roof, you can easily turn it into a great

green retreat.

You don’t need to be an expert gardener to create a beautiful rooftop garden.

With a couple of brilliant ideas and basic knowledge, you can add a green tinge to your life.

Make the most of your roof by incorporating one of these garden designs listed below.

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

1. Double-Duty Roof Garden

Combine aesthetics and practicality in your garden with edible landscape design.

This will not only provide you with amazing outdoor space, but it will also bring you the

pleasure of growing your own fruits and veggies.

Not to mention that you will always have fresh and organic food at hand.

If you are a passionate about gardening or if you are looking for a new hobby, then you

should definitely pick the edible roof garden.

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

        A sampling of rooftop gardens from Pinterest.

2. Pool Roof Garden

If sweating in the garden is not your cup of tea and you prefer to relax in your green spot,

then you can consider adding a pool.

Of course, it depends on how much space you have.

You should also take in to account specifics such as any pool requirements and drainage systems.

Other than that, what can be more chilling and soothing, then spending time around the pool?

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

3. Ornamental Rooftop Garden

Blending the elements of interior design in the outdoors space is a huge trend right now.

Keep in mind that lighting has a central place in this decor style.

You can use it to create a scenic rooftop garden.

Add some gorgeous potted ornamental plants.

Put an emphasis on the greenery by exposing it to a variety of reflective spot lights to enhance

and capture its beauty.

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

        More rooftop gardens from Pinterest.

4. Cooking Enabled Rooftop Garden

Cooking in the open is a great weekend activity, especially for barbecue lovers.

You can transform your garden into a fully equipped kitchen.

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

5. Cinema Incorporated Rooftop Garden

Your rooftop garden should not necessarily need to be about gardening.

It can serve as a great entertaining place.

For example, you can turn it into a perfect open-air cinema for your movie nights.

All you need is a blank wall, a couple of pillows and the required technology.

Another option is to make your garden your own music stage.

Install decks and speakers and you are ready for a classic rooftop party.

Inspiring and Creative Rooftop Garden Designs

6. Dinner on the Rooftop

Having a dinner on the rooftop with can add a little something to your regular night.

Just imagine the taste of the food blending with the marvellous view and the city sounds.

Achieve great results by mixing wooden dining furniture and classic spot lighting.


Have you considered creating a rooftop garden?

Or have you already designed a rooftop garden?

Share your experiences, thoughts and comments with us.