Visible burn scars on the hands, neck, arm or face are not only detrimental to beauty, but also can affect your self-esteem. If you’ve suffered a minor burn, you may be able to treat it and reduce scarring on your own. Burns can be caused by hot water burns, due to oil splashes, steam exposure, hot tea or coffee splash, waxing burns, and burns with curling rods, straighteners or irons. These types of thermal burns are also called scald burns. If exposure was brief, they may be considered minor. However, prolonged exposure or extremely high heat may require a visit to the doctor. Minor burns look visually similar to bites and slaps.

There are simple and easy home remedies to relieve minor burn pain and sooth the affected areas. These remedies can also prevent skin damage and scarring. Scars are hard to remove. It is much easier to treat the burns at the initial stage and make the redness go away.



Cool the Burn

First of all, cool the burn with cold water or cold and wet compressions. You might have heard about applying toothpaste on the burn but this is not a good idea. Just cool down the skin with tap water until the pain is reduced. Do not apply any other ointment on the burn. Do not use ice on burns.

Instant Home Remedies for Minor Burns 

Petroleum Jelly

You should apply pure petroleum jelly on the burn two to three times a day. It reduces the redness and provides relief to the skin.


Aloe Vera

Use fresh Aloe Vera leaves and apply its gel on the affected area. It gives a cooling and soothing effect to the skin. It also prevents the spreading the redness. Keep Aloe Vera on the skin for as long as 20 minutes. If you do not have fresh Aloe Vera on spot, you can use pure Aloe Vera gel. It stops inflammation, reduces swelling, stimulates regular skin growth, and repairs the skin. It is one of the best-known remedies for minor burn marks.


Tea Bags

Tea bags can also reduce pain from a burn. It is better to use black tea bags, but you can also use green tea bags if necessary. Make sure the tea bags are wet and cool, and then hold it on the area for a few minutes.

Instant Home Remedies for Minor Burns 


Honey is a natural antibiotic ingredient and a well-known remedy for many skin and health issues. It can be used for treating sore throat, giving instant energy, and improving skin. It kills bacteria on the skin, reduces infection, heals the skin, and relieves the pain. Take a small amount and apply it on the burn.


Coconut Oil with Lemon

This is another great home remedy for minor burns. Coconut oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids. Add some drops of lemon juice in a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it on the skin with a burn mark. It has anti-bacterial and acidic properties that can help to remove the scars and heal the skin.

Instant Home Remedies for Minor Burns 

Lavender Oil

This beauty oil also has healing power for the skin. It eases pain and reduces redness on the skin. Take two ounces of water and add one teaspoon of pure lavender oil in it. Mix it well and put in a spray bottle. Mist it on the area often and see the results.


What are your favorite home remedies for burn relief?

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