Just for Laughs! 13 Shades of Vegans: What Kind of Vegan Are You? - Infographic

Sure life as a vegan is full of all kinds of serious issues, concerns, problems, platforms,

projects, protests and challenges.

I get that!

Make no mistake about it, our concerns are very important.

But we need to make time for a chuckle or two.

Laughter is often the best medicine.

A sense of humor has gotten me through a lot of challenging situations.

How about you?

Vegan humor abounds on the internet.

I’m not kidding!

A quick Google search reveals quite a few sites featuring vegan humor, such as

Vegetus.org featuring “vegetarianvegan, and animal rights jokes for

grumpy old vegans who need a laugh” and here are a just a few more:

Speaking of humor…

When I saw this infographic, it made me smile, so I thought it would be fun to share

it with you.

Take a look at these characters and characteristics.

Can you relate to any of them?

Do any of these “shades” remind you of your vegan friends?

Do you see a bit of yourself in any of them?

If you don’t see yourself in any of these “13 shades” how would you define yourself?

What kind of vegan are you?

13 shades of Vegans

So what kind of vegan are you?
Share your thoughts, comments–and even jokes–with us.