Springtime is here, and everything is in full bloom. This is the perfect time to liven up your home with fresh cut flowers from your local florist or even your own garden. There’s nothing like their fresh aroma or the perfect combination of beautiful colors to calm the mind and soul. Maybe you’ve recently received a lovely arrangement as a gift from a friend or a loved one and want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Whether you have sunflowers, tulips or daisies, you’ll need to take proper care of your flowers to keep your flowers fresh, and therefore last longer.
You don’t want your flowers to prematurely wilt and die, especially when you can follow simple steps to care for them properly.
Check out the following eight natural ways to keep your flowers fresher longer:
The Best Natural Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Trim the Leaves

You want to to above the water line because if leaves sit in the water, they will break down and cause the growth of bacteria, which will kill your flowers faster. Your flowers will also be more appealing if they are groomed this way. Check your flowers daily for any loose leaves or petals so you can remove them before they fall into the water and begin to rot.

Trim the Stems

when you get your flowers. Each stem should be trimmed at a 45 degree angle right before they are submerged in water. By trimming the stem at an angle, you will increase the surface area, which allows more water to soak into the stem. Use garden shears to trim one to two inches off, and make sure you retrim them every few days.

Clean Out Your Vase

It may not seem important, but a properly cleaned vase makes a huge difference. Don’t just throw your fresh flowers in a vase with leftover remnants from your previous arrangement. Take the time to , and make sure you rinse out all soap residue with hot water. You can even use bleach if you really want to air on the side of caution.
The Best Natural Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Use Room Temp Water

Fill your vase with room temperature water, and . You don’t want to shock your flowers – you want them to be comfortable. Different flowers do better in different temperatures, so do a little research to see which temperature works best for your flowers. Flowers like tulips, daffodils and anemones actually do better if their water is below room temperature. Warm water is usually only best if you have flowers with closed bulbs and want them to bloom quicker.

Add Sugar, White Vinegar and Bleach

Yes, this combination will feed the stems of your flowers and also in the water. Add two tablespoons of sugar, along with a splash of white vinegar and bleach. Many other household items will keep your arrangement fresher longer as well – crushed aspirin, vodka, the copper from coins and soda, to name a few. Experiment, and make your own flower food.

Don’t Overfill Your Vase

Even though more flowers are always better, because each flower needs room to breathe. Find a bigger vase to accommodate your selection if necessary, and make sure your vase is also the correct height for your flowers. Whatever you do, never stuff a vase too full. It will kill your arrangement quickly.
The Best Natural Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Keep Your Flowers Away from Direct Sunlight

Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, and in a cool area. While some sunlight can be good, putting your flowers directly in its path can wilt and dry them out.
Don’t put your flowers next to appliances that generate heat, and keep them away from open windows, ceiling fans and other areas that can dehydrate them. Flowers should also be kept away from fruit because as fruit ripens, it release small amount of ethylene gas, which can reduce the longevity of your flowers.

Change the Water Often

Although it may be an annoying task to change out vase water, it’s an important one for your flowers. Fresh water is the best water, so – daily if you can or at least every 2-3 days. Fresh flowers drink tons of water, so it isn’t uncommon for them to suck up all of their water in the first couple of days.

While they won’t last forever, you can enjoy fresh #flowers for much longer by keeping their water fresh, feeding them flower food and keeping them properly pruned. Click To Tweet
Ensure the longevity of your fresh cut flowers with the eight simple tips above. While they won’t last forever, you can at least enjoy them for much longer by keeping their water fresh, feeding them flower food and keeping them properly pruned. Flowers can be expensive, and you want to get as much time out of them as you can.
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The Best Natural Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh: While they won’t last forever, you can enjoy fresh #flowers for much longer by keeping their water fresh, feeding them flower food and keeping them properly pruned. #flowers #freshflowers #floral #floralcare #floralarrangements #natural