Looking for a fantastic spot for an upcoming family vacation? If you and your loved ones enjoy crystalline beaches, theme parks, lots and lots of adventure, scrumptious food and find love in history and art, then this paradise called Atlanta awaits you.

Whether you are a couple of two, a sweet family of 5, or a gang of thrill-full partners, this is the best place so far to take a relaxing break from the robotic life and take the stress out of your mind.



Something for Everyone

If you have a heart for history, literature, museums, and artifacts then Atlanta’s cultural and historic beauty welcomes you. Whether you are a shopaholic, a daydreamer, history buff or an adventure lover, everyone will likely find something to pique their interests as there are a number of things to do in Atlanta. The metropolitan city has created something captivating for soulful people regardless of age and gender, so feel free to explore this massive city and we are sure you will find something matching your interest. 

To add the fun factor, the city is also home to a number of interactive family spots like Georgia Aquarium, Fox Theatre, Zoo Atlanta and Sky view, etc. which are among the few names of best Atlanta attractions.

Land in Atlanta for a Jaunty and Cheerful Family Vacation

Atlanta’s Sandy Beaches

The city’s sunny climate prevails most of the year and makes it the best reason for families and tourists to flock to the nearby seaside. You’ll  have to drive a few miles away to the ocean beaches located on the islands that are connected to the mainland through bridges and causeways. Georgia’s Tybee Island is the closest oceanfront land to Atlanta and requires a 267-mile drive from downtown. 

This historic beach destination has been attracting visitors to its south end since the 19th century due to its charismatic shopping, dining, and nightlife. Moreover, you will also find Hilton Head Island, St.Simons Island and Jekyll Island over there. So what are you waiting for? The sandy beaches of Atlanta are waiting for you.

Land in Atlanta for a Jaunty and Cheerful Family Vacation

Romantic Date

Along with the mesmerizing beaches, there are a number of romantic getaways, day trips, water parks, scenic mountain trails, waterfalls, and amusement parks as well. Or why not take a few miles drive and hold your partner’s hand to escape to the Atlanta’s most beautiful hiking trails within 40 miles reach. Witness the stunning beauty of green forests rolling above your head, rippling water from the mountains, and a breathtaking view from the mountain top. 

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