What do you do when you are suddenly confronted with a saliva drug test you have to pass? Let’s say the HR department at your place of work suddenly decided that they need to check for the use of controlled substances among the workers. You know you have been actively indulging and you may even feel that using some of these substances has helped improve your performance at work.

Are you going to tell HR this or are you going to bale, making excuse for not taking the test? We all know you cannot do any of the above. HR is usually thrilled to exercise its powers in the workplace so failure to take this test and pass it may see you not just losing your job but also having it on your record, something that can negatively impact your chances of getting another job.


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So, what can you do about this? Before we go into what you can do, let’s first look at what a saliva test is.

Learning How to Pass a Mouth Swab and Saliva Drug Test

Understanding Mouth Swab (Saliva) Drug Test

What’s all the hullabaloo about saliva drug tests? What exactly is it?

There are different types of tests that can check for the use of drugs and other controlled substances. Some of these include, blood tests, hair follicle tests, sweat tests, and saliva test which is also called a mouth swab test.

These different tests have different levels of effectiveness and they will use each when certain types of drug test results are needed. To know more about saliva drug tests, read this article .

If for example you are applying for a new job and the employer wants to know if you have a drug usage issue, they may go for a hair follicle test because this can show drug usage from up to 90 days before the date of the test. If you are already employed and your employer just wants to do a quick routine test to see if any of the staff is indulging, then they will call for a urine or a saliva test.

A saliva test is best for these types of sudden tests because it can only show drug usage from about three days before the day of the test. It is also easy to perform and is no stress at all too but for the tester and the tested.

So after all the long talk, we now come to the part you’ve been waiting eagerly for. Can you beat this test? The simple answer is YES!

Here’s a story you may find interesting:

A gentleman by the name of James, a man of the world, loves to indulge regularly using some controlled substances faced a situation similar to what we described above. He had an upcoming saliva drug test in his office and it was a test he had to pass.

According to him, he loves his job and did not want to lose it. Do you know what he did? On the morning of the test, he got up and…wait for it…he took a helping of his usual favorite controlled substance. WHAT? Yes! That’s exactly what he did on the morning of the drug test he knew he had to pass to be able to retain the job.

Was he crazy? Well, it does not look like he is because he is still working with the company. Obviously he took the test and he…passed even with the effect of the drug still in his system. He knew how topass a mouth swab drug test. Actually, he knew how to pass any drug tests.

Learning How to Pass a Mouth Swab and Saliva Drug Test

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

From our story above, we can see that there is a way to beat this type of test. Let’s get right into it.

There are specific products that can help you beat that saliva test with ease. You can use a special detox mouthwash which will render the drug residue invisible during the test or you can use a special detox chewing gum. Of these two, the chewing gum comes highly recommended. We shall therefore focus on this chewing gum.

Remember that in the story we shared above, we mentioned that the gentleman in question took some controlled substances on the morning of his test and confidently went in for the test. What we however did not mention was that just before going in for the test, he popped this magic chewing gum into his mouth.

After only a few seconds of chewing his saliva was as clear as a saint’s and he got his “all clear” pass result and a pat from the HR manager. If only they knew.

Learning How to Pass a Mouth Swab and Saliva Drug Test

How the Detox Chewing Gum Works

This detox chewing gum neutralizes the toxins from the drug, making your saliva clear. Even nicotine will not show up in the test. All you need to do is pop the gum into your mouth, keep your lips sealed and then bite into the gum. The liquid from the gum will run into your mouth. Do not immediately swallow this liquid. Allow it spread thoroughly in your mouth.

Chew on this gum for about 30 seconds and your mouth will be ready to face the testing panel. You should however note that your saliva will remain clear for only about 30 minutes. For best results, chew this gum about 10 minutes before you will need to take the test. The cleansing power of the gum is at its peak at about 10 minutes after you chew it.



So, there you have it. The next time you have to face a saliva test, you can do so with an assurance of what the result will be regardless of what you took even hours before the test. Your employer can demand a drug test so always be prepared.


Have you or a loved one had to pass a mouth swab and saliva drug test?

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