Love Eating Seasonally? Your Month to Month Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables - Infographic

Love shopping and eating seasonally?

I certainly do.

I love strolling my local farmer’s market, selecting and buying farm fresh organic produce

in season.

There is nothing like the taste of an organic apple, tomato or corn that was recently picked.

Fresh, sweet and so pleasing to eat…

Most importantly, seasonal produce is so much healthier for us.

It’s food is at it’s nutritional peak.

When we eat produce that is out of season, we risk vitamin degradation and nutrient

loss because it has been shipped to us across long distances–if not from across the globe.

Food in season is generally more economical, eco-friendly and best of all, it tastes

much more delicious.

Love Eating Seasonally? Your Month to Month Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables - Infographic

According to Eat Seasonably:

“Eating food in season is also a great way of eating more sustainably.

Growing fruit and vegetables in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs like heating,

lighting, pesticides and fertilizers than at other times of the year.

Thus, seasonable produce has a lower environmental impact.

Eating seasonably is also a great first step towards thinking about the broader environmental

implications of your diet.

In fact, there are many ways to decrease the impact of what you and your family eat.”

Here are some links to related eco-friendly actions you take today:

*Find local, seasonal produce – Local Harvest

*Support environmentally friendly farming by buying organic produce – Soil Association

*Compost your food waste  – Recyclenow

*Cut down your meat intake: livestock farming is one of the most significant causes of

climate change – Eating Better

*Choose fish from sustainable sources, if you eat fish – Marine Stewardship Council

*Avoid products with unnecessary packaging and recycle it where possible  -  NRDC    

*Avoid bottled water and instead enjoy it from the tap and filter your own – NSF  

Two Handy Seasonal Produce Guides

Use the Eat Seasonably Chart and handy Month to Month Guide below to learn which

foods are in season then stock up your pantry with the freshest fruits and vegetables you can

find in your favorite shopping spots.

It’s also a great reference to aid meal planning, food preservation and canning projects.

Savor the pleasures of buying and eating seasonal produce.

Eat Seasonably

Month to Month Veggies and Fruit Infographic: Your Guide to Seasonal Cooking

Do you shop and eat seasonally?
Share your experiences, resources, thoughts and comments with us.