Lower East Side Street Art: Tales of the people

“The Lower East Side”: this jubilant mural heralds the diversity of the local neighborhood.

I love taking what I call  “my urban adventure walks”.
For me that means putting on a comfortable pair of sneakers and briskly heading downtown on Avenue A through the East Village to the Lower Eastside and letting the sights, tastes, smells and sounds of the artsy, gritty streets do the talking and teaching.
Generally, I meander through streets with Beyonce in my ears — without direction or a plan. Part mandatory exercise walk. Part conscious-culture-ride! Usually yields a surprise or two! I like to let it flow.
But I do love to stop and buy healthy, ‘grab-and-go’ fuel like a Coconut Milk Superfood Smoothie from Caravan of Dreams on E. 6th Street or a raw Spicy Avocado Soup from Organic Avenue on Sullivan Street.
Lower Eastside streetart: tales of the people

Spicy Avocado Soup from Organic Avenue provides just the fuel I need to keep walking.

Hydrated and energized, my urban sojourn continues.
When the weather is kind, I skip the galleries. I have no desire to be inside when there is so much creative expression splashed, mashed, slashed or trashed across  brick and cement walls, in crusty doorways, on metal security gates or whatever public space the (often uncredited) artist chooses to use to express his vision, stories, or socio-political mesages that matter to local residents.

Colorfully Painted Murals Chronicle Their Tales

When I saw these vivid historical portrayals painted so powerfully on metal security gates, I had to stop and capture them.

Lower East Side street art: Tales of the people

Metal gates are the canvas for the story of a people.

Lower East Side Street Art: tales of the people

Painted metal gates tell rich tales of leaders and history.

Lower East Side Street Art: Tales of the people

I wonder if this mural is in honor of NYC and the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those who came here?

Lower East Side street art boldly chronicles the history, culture, politics, social issues , hopes and dreams of the local residents, across walls, doors, metal gates and sidewalks.
That’s the way they get their points across. And that’s the way I get my urban culture fix.
Have you encountered interesting and intriguing street art during your walks? Share your experiences and comments below.