2018 is already here and more and more individuals are seeking out innovative and interesting ways to supplement their income. Maybe you have your sights set on a new car or a new home, or maybe you just didn’t bring in as much money as you hoped last year? Whatever the situation is, you should know that there are tons of opportunities online to make money with your blog. Below, you will learn some interesting ways that you can make money with your very own .

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Take Advantage Of Guest Posts

Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to make money online with a blog is by writing guest posts. Just find a subject that you have extensive experience in and there will be some type of blog out there that you can guest post for. You can choose anything form parenting, to homeschooling, to saving money on groceries. To look for paying blogs all you have to do is hit up a search engine and type in your niche with the words paying blogs at the end and you will get a slew of results.
Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog  

Blog With Affiliate Links

Sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart will actually give you money from promoting and successfully selling their products. All you have to do is sign up for their and follow their instruction. Blog about products that are offered online at Wal-Mart or Amazon and if you successfully make a sell you will be rewarded with a percentage of that sale.

Create Your Own eBook

The is to write your very own eBook and sell it to online consumers. In fact, this is extremely similar to blogging, and you can even advertise your eBook on your blog. Just choose a good niche that you are extremely familiar with and you won’t even have to do any research
Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog  

Create Your Very Own Course Or Class

Creating an online course or class might seem like a lot of work, but it is a viable long-term solution for supplementing your income. If you have had a lot of success in a certain field of study there are individuals out there that will pay for your knowledge and strategies.

Sell Some Ad Space

More and more businesses are looking to market and promote online. If your blog has enough followers you can sell businesses ad spots on your blog.
Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog  

Become A Consultant

Consultants are needed in every niche online. You could actually take the information and advice that you are giving away for free and sell it.

Write Paid Reviews For Products

Writing paid reviews for certain products is somewhat similar to signing up for an affiliate program, except you don’t actually have to make an actual sale. Instead, you get to try out a variety of products for free and write honest reviews about them on your blog.
Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog  

Sell Your Blogs

If you have attracted a large following to your blog there are people that will pay large amounts of money for a successful blog like this. You can sell your blog, create another, and flip it.

Setup Monthly Membership Fees

If you have tons of loyal followers they will probably be willing to pay monthly subscription fees just to get your advice and insight on certain topics. Instead, of giving away your advice and insight you can sell it for a monthly fee.

Offering Freelance Services

As a successful blogger you are probably already somewhat of an expert in your niche, which means there will be people out there willing to pay you to write on their websites.
Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog  
What are your favorite ways to make money with your blog?
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Top 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog