Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of preserving nature and using sustainable energy resources. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to make your home energy-efficient. Plus, these new eco-friendly products are not only healthier for the environment but also better for your pocket. They can help you save money on your bills as well as on home maintenance costs. So, if you’d like to make your home more energy efficient, here are a few ways to do that.


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Improve your home insulation

First things first, you should improve your home insulation. If your home is not well insulated, it will let out a lot of heat during winter while it’ll also take you much longer to cool it down in the summer. In other words, you’ll be spending much more money on controlling the temperature inside your home if you don’t have good insulation. So, do some research about available insulation techniques and materials, choose the one that suits you best, and you’re bound to notice the difference in no time.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient: The Ultimate Guide 

Replace your windows

Your windows can also make you lose a lot of heat during winter and cool air during summer. Needless to say, this can affect your wallet too. So, if you have older windows that are not very energy-efficient, consider replacing them. Double pane windows, for example, are a great choice. Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to get some quality blinds or tint some of your windows to prevent the sun from directly heating the inside of your home.


Look for energy efficient appliances

If you’re thinking about upgrading some of your kitchen appliances, make sure to choose those that are energy-efficient. They will usually have the Energy Star logo on them. True, most of them will cost you a bit more initially, but in the long run, they are one of the better investments you could make. Also, electricity is something you should never play with on your own. So, if you happen to live in Australia and some of your appliances break down, or if you could use a few more sockets for your appliances, make sure to consult an experienced Sydney electrician. After all, they have all the tools, knowledge, and experience they need in order to do their job safely.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient: The Ultimate Guide 

Consider solar panels

This might be a bit bigger investment, but it’s also one that would definitely pay off if you can afford it. Solar panels can be installed on your rooftop, and they can help you generate your own electricity. However, they do require some maintenance, so they are not for everybody. That being said, they are still becoming more and more popular. So, if you’d like to become a part of the green movement, installing solar panels is something you should consider.


Turn off appliances

Even if you have energy-efficient appliances, you should still be mindful of the way you use them. So, don’t heat your home for more than necessary, and don’t leave the AC on all day during summer. If you use thermostats, try not to change the temperature all the time – keep it at a comfortable level. Last but not least, unplug everything you’re not using at the moment– appliances use energy even when they aren’t actually on.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient: The Ultimate Guide 

Do some landscaping

If you have a big garden, you should do some landscaping. Good landscaping can protect your home from the sun during the hot summer days, while it can also protect you during cold winter winds. In other words, by planting trees around your home, you could greatly improve the level of comfort inside it. Of course, this might be a bit less noticeable if you already have good insulation. However, you’d still create a more pleasant atmosphere in your garden, so you can, for example, read a book in the shade even during the hotter days.

Making your home sustainable is a great way to both preserve the environment and save money on the utility bills. Luckily there are many ways to do so. Therefore, think about the listed suggestions, upgrade your home, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits sooner than you might think.

Guest post by Lana Hawkins

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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient: The Ultimate Guide - Making your home  energy-efficient and #sustainable is a great way to both preserve the #environment and save money on the utility bills.   #energy-efficient  #sustainable  #greenhome  #environment  #eco-friendly