Environmental concerns, coupled with our need to get our finances under control, are two top reasons why we’re beginning to look at making our homes more energy efficient.

The steps you take now will start you off on the correct path to a brighter, greener future.  But what steps should you consider?  Take a read below to get you started with making your home more energy efficient.



Making Your Home More Energy Efficient    

Add attic insulation

Adding attic insulation is a must.  Insulation is guaranteed to cut the energy needed to heat your home.  Just what you need to become green and lower your bills.  Insulation can come in rolls, as loose fibres or as a spray foam.  Discuss the best options for your house with a specialist so that you can make the right choice.


Heat your home efficiently

No matter what heating system you are using, there are improvements to be made.  Older systems are never going to be as green or efficient as a newer system.  Depending on where you live, there will be the replacement , furnace or heat pump to consider, but the ideal system will not only be more efficient to run but will use less fuel and waste less energy.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient    

Switch to LED lighting

Our energy consumption has been rising rapidly over the last few decades, so people are understandably keen to find ways to cut their energy bills.  Apart from making sure our electrical items are unplugged we can also switch from our reliance on fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.  LED bulb usage is growing for two reasons, it’s more energy efficient and the bulbs last far longer.


Find and fix draughts

Is your home airtight?  Probably not.  Trying to make an older home perfectly draught-free is not an easy ask either.  That doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made. Draughts come from all areas of the home, so that includes windows, doors, basements, walls, floors, and roofs.

The Numbers Are In: How Much Money Can Solar Panels Save You?

Go solar powered

Climate change is a big worry and our continued reliance on fossil fuels is frustrating and expensive.  The good news is more people are considering the switch and installing their own solar panels.  If you haven’t given it any thought yet, then this is a big move worth exploring to help the environment and lessen those household bills.


What are you doing to make your home more energy-efficient?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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