Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze.
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When a friend and I decided to have lunch in her neighborhood on the Upper West Side, she lovingly chose a restaurant that was a perfect fit for both of us: a blend of organic, vegan and macrobiotic dishes for me as well as fresh, sustainable seafood for her. Her choice was Mana on Amsterdam Avenue.

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Mana welcomes you with open arms.

The sun was shining. The weather was warm. And Mana’s wide open windows and welcoming doors greeted us with open arms.

Fortunately, Mana offers the kind of good quality, farm to table, whole foods that made us both feel right at home. (I could bring my meat and fish-eating husband here and even he’d find something that suited him.)

“We prepare our dishes with local, organic, sustainable ingredients,

and filtered water. Our menu emphasizes vegetable-based dishes,

including market greens, pastas, whole grains, house-made dumplings

and farm-fresh salads. We also serve wild-caught, sustainable seafood.

We are proud of our selection of fine organic wines and fair trade, organic teas.”

The Fun Started with Sweet Potato Dumplings…

We settled into a table with a view, browsed the menu and ordered an appetizer plus two of the reasonably-priced lunch specials…

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Our feast started with their signature Sweet Potato Dumplings.

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Vegan entree: Curry India Vegetable Curry with spiced basmati rice and cilantro chutney

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Seafood entree: Salmon with brown rice and salad.

We shared steamed sweet potato dumplings and both entrees–for a delicious, satisfying meal. There are so many other dishes that I want to try like their Seaweed Medley and Brown Rice Sushi Rolls with Cucumber and Avocado or Burdock and Tempeh–so I plan to visit Mana again soon.

Other Highlights of the Mana Experience

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Diners enjoy the friendly, intimate atmosphere.

Mana Farm to Table: Where Vegans and Pescetarians Graze

Mana offers a selection of fine organic wines.

A Sampling of Menu Highlights…


Small Plates & Sharing

Creamy Polenta with wild mushrooms 10.00
Sautéed Greens garlic or ginger, shiitake mushrooms, sesame oil, tamari 9.00
Vegetable Dumplings steamed or fried, citrus tamari dipping 7.00
Curried Sweet Potato Dumplings steamed or fried, savory cilantro dipping 8.00
Okonomiyaki japanese vegetable “pizza” with sundried tomato sauce,
topped with mesclun 12.00
Shrimp Tempura wild shrimp, three pieces 8.00
Shitake Mushroom stuffed with tofu and scallions, tempura style 8.00


Purée Of Broccoli 7.00
Miso Soup kelp dashi broth 4.50
Soup Of The Day 7.00


Cobb Salad chopped greens, avocado, tempeh bacon, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, vinaigrette 12.00
Beet Salad roasted beets, spring onion, balsamic shallot vinaigrette 9.00
Daikon Sprout Salad red & white cabbage, carrot, sunflower seed, sesame vinaigrette 8.00

Brown Rice Sushi Rolls

Cucumber & Avocado or Burdock & Tempeh 7.00
Wild Salmon & Avocado or Shrimp & Avocado 9.00

Vegan Entree

High Protein Burger house made burger of sprouted mung beans, tempeh, arugula, avocado mustard sauce, red onion, side of market greens 12.50
Simple Plate brown rice, beans, vegetables, seaweed, tahini tarator sauce 12.00
add tofu or tempeh 14.00
Gomaae pan-tossed mix of vegetables, agea tofu, tempeh, garlic sesame miso sauce,
brown rice 13.50
Tempeh Temptation stir fried tempeh, shiitake, bok choy, couscous pilaf, carrot &
beet salad 14.00
House Teriyaki sweet & savory glazed tofu or tempeh, vegetables,brown rice 15.00

Fish Entree

Fish Taco roasted fish, organic sprouted corn tortilla, green tomatillo salsa 17.00
Wild Shrimp butterflied shrimp stir fried snow peas, broccoli, carrots, roasted garlic,
couscous pilaf 23.00
Ginger Tamari Fish broiled fish, vegetables, brown rice 22.00
House Teriyaki sweet & savory glazed fish, vegetables, brown rice 24.00
Fish Miso Stew bok choy, daikon, rice noodle, winter squash simmered in miso broth 23.00


Penne Pesto green beans, red potatoes, basil pesto 14.00
Mana Bowl sautéed medley of vegetables, yuba, & agea tofu in dashi broth 15.00
Yakisoba sizzling sautéed vegetables stir fried with soba or udon noodles 12.00
Pumpkin Ravioli house made, basil pesto 15.00

Reward Yourself with a Healthy Dessert!

Tofu Cheesecake seasonal fruit sauce 7.50
Adzuki Almond Mousse 6.00
Apple Crunch baked apple with crunchy oatmeal cookie chunks 6.00
Cake Of The Day spelt flour 8.00

The Essentials

Mana Restaurant NYC
646 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
(Between 91st & 92nd)
Tel. 212-787-1110
Open 7 days – 11:30 am – 10:30 pm
Do you have a favorite restaurant that serves organic vegan cuisine as well as fish? Share your suggestions and comments with us.