While cannabis has been around for millennia, it is only recently that countries around the world have started to legalize it for medicinal as well as recreational use.  However, since marijuana was relegated to the black market for so long, there isn’t nearly enough information out there about the , of which there are plenty.
So if you’re wondering what the big deal is about medical marijuana, then read on to find out what the available research says about the plant’s healing abilities for the body and the mind.

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  • Pain Relief:

Studies show that chronic pain is one of the leading motives for patients who ask for a medical cannabis prescription in the ‘States, and they usually ask for the prescription in order to combat pain that’s associated with conditions like arthritis, migraines, cancer and even back injuries. Further research shows that cannabis has the ability to significantly reduce chronic pain associated with these and many other conditions, granted that it contains certain strains that are cultivated for that purpose.

  • To Relieve Nausea:

Cannabis is often given to cancer and AIDS patients who suffer from nausea as a result of their medication and rigorous treatment regime. The available research indicates that most of the patients who take cannabis experience an increase in appetite, as well as significantly reduced incidences of nausea and vomiting.

  • To Relieve Nerve Pain:

A lot of people who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, AIDS and spinal cord injuries, often suffer from a burning and painful sensation on their hands and feet. A recent study which compared the efficacy of cannabis cigarettes to conventional pain meds at relieving nerve pain, found that the cannabis cigarettes were much more efficient at relieving pan for patients who suffered from chronic neuropathic pain than even the most advanced drugs on the market.

The Different Treatment Uses of Medical Marijuana

  • To Heal Multiple Sclerosis:

The condition known as multiple sclerosis is characterized by unbearable muscle stiffness and random spasms that can greatly affect one’s mobility and even their sleeping patterns. An oral spray containing several cannabis strains has been used in more than 20 countries to relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms, with European countries being at the forefront of this innovation.

  • To Treat Epilepsy:

There are certain types of epilepsy which are tough to control with conventional treatment modalities, such as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. Certain cannabis products, like a strawberry-flavored CBD oil, have been shown to be very effective at reducing the amount of seizures experienced by patients that suffer from these and similar conditions.

  • To Treat Cancer:

Cannabis is known for its ability to slow down or even stop the growth of cancerous cells and/or malignant tumors, and both the CBD and THC compounds in cannabis have been shown to have this effect.
The Different Treatment Uses of Medical Marijuana

  • To Treat Crohn’s Disease:

The inflammatory bowel syndrome known as Crohn’s disease is often so severe that it won’t even respond to conventional treatments anymore. But the good news is that a Tel Aviv University study shows that cannabis cigarettes have the ability to significantly reduce and even eliminate the inflammation which irritates the small intestine, thus helping patients to avoid the possibility of surgery for this disease.
However, it is important to note here that most of the patients relapsed once they stopped smoking the cannabis cigarettes, which means that additional studies need to be conducted to find a more sustainable way to consume cannabis for the treatment of this disease without compromising lung health.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease:

Using cannabis is a great way to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s for those who already have the condition, and the THC compound in the plant can even help to prevent Alzheimer’s for anyone that has a family history or increased risk of developing this disease.

  • To Treat Anxiety Disorders:

Research done at Vanderbilt University discovered that the section of the brain which is responsible for managing stress responses and anxiety has cannabis receptors in it, which would explain why cannabis is so effective at reducing anxiety symptoms. That said, the same research warns that chronic smoking can actually worsen anxiety and warns that patients should only use medical cannabis in moderation.
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