Change is never easy, especially when it’s your own body. Your body and experiences are all unique, and when it comes to menopause, this has the potential to make you feel frustrated and alienated. It can be difficult to tell where to even begin when addressing your evolving body. You may feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore.

If this is the case, keep in mind that menopause is a normal and universal experience among almost half of the people in the world. In those moments when this new situation is tough, you can return to this list of helpful ways to handle the effects of menopause.



Menopause: 5 Ways to Deal With It

Find Natural Remedies That Work for You

Hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and pain are a few of the symptoms you might experience as you begin your journey through menopause. These very common symptoms are thought to be due to changes in the . While some women should talk to their doctors about prescription hormone pills, you may want to try more natural remedies first.

 is a company that has assembled a team of researchers, scientists, and doctors in an effort to better understand menopause. They strongly believe that probiotics, natural supplements, and phytotherapy can significantly help women going through “the change.” If you’re unsure of which probiotics are best for your symptoms, MenoLabs provides a helpful quiz to get you started. This is a natural company that truly cares about women’s health and wellness.

Menopause: 5 Ways to Deal With It

Create Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

An uptick in anxiety is never welcome. Many women report a sense of dread before a hot flash occurs. One strategy to reduce anxiety is paced respiration. This is a technique that asks you to take slow, deep breaths. You should complete only six to eight breaths a minute in a successful paced respiration session. This requires some practice. To learn paced respiration, take a yoga class, and carry your practice outside of the studio.

Another way to reduce anxiety and even insomnia is by taking CBD. CBD is quickly becoming a popular solution for mental health and chronic pain. If you are new to CBD, there are great resources, like  that will guide you through the world of CBD and steer you towards the best products on the market. This easy to navigate website will answer all of your questions and help you find the best product for your needs.

Menopause: 5 Ways to Deal With It

Exercise Regularly

Everyone needs exercise to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but for people going through menopause, exercising regularly can have huge benefits. Not only will it deter the accumulation of extra fat, especially around your middle, exercise is also a mood enhancer. This may be exactly what you need to curb your mood swings. Working out also helps with the memory and concentration problems that can accompany menopause. This will keep your brain healthy and sharp.

How To Choose The Best Natural Skincare Products


Moisturizing becomes a little bit more important once you hit menopause. Your skin may dry up faster the more you age. Always use sunblock when going outside. Splurge for a cute sun hat and cover-up to protect your body from harmful, drying rays. In the winter, invest in a solid hair conditioner and body lotion to keep you comfortable. Play around with different moisturizing products; the cheaper ones might actually be the better solution for you.



Find a Support System

Perhaps the most important take-away is that you are not alone in this struggle. Talk to your friends or reach out to other communities. Have the girls over and treat yourself to the best champagne and wine that the  has to offer. Celebrate your bodies and share your stories. It will be liberating to hear your common experiences.


Have you used natural remedies for menopause?

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