In 2017, around 18 million people misused a prescription drug.

Since a prescription drug is necessary for treating a medical addiction, many people find themselves getting addicted to it after prolonged use. A common drug that is misused is methadone.

Methadone serves a variety of conditions, however, it’s important to practice caution while using it.



Keep reading to learn about what methadone is and how to use it carefully!

Methadone for Pain Management: Cautions and Concerns 

Methadone for Pain


Methadone is part of the drug category known as “opioids.”

It was created during World War II to treat pain. Today, some doctors prescribe it for patients who are addicted to heroin or narcotic painkillers.

While methadone is safer than some other narcotic options, it is still one that should be used carefully. A doctor should be keeping watch as their patient uses methadone. Also, this medication should be avoided if you have liver problems or electrolyte abnormalities.

Methadone for Pain Management: Cautions and Concerns 

Using Methadone Cautiously

Along with addiction, doctors are prescribing methadone for cancer and pain after an accident.

While methadone can be useful in managing pain, it should be used carefully. Here are some ways to stay safe while using methadone:

  • Monitor Tolerance

One reason why it’s so important to work with a doctor while using methadone is that you may build up a tolerance to it.

This means you’ll need to take more and more of the drug to feel the same effects as you did on a lower dose. Over time, your body may start to rely on the way the drug impacts your brain.

This will cause people to use methadone even after the pain they’re using it to treat has gone away.

  • Proper Disposal

Once you’ve finished using methadone for pain, it’s important to dispose of any remaining medicine properly.

Don’t throw it in the garbage, as somebody may get their hands on it. If someone finds it in the garbage and your name is on it, you may be liable for the person using it.

Instead, find a trustworthy take-back program. Or, flush the medicine down the toilet.

If the medication is expired you should treat it the same way.

Methadone for Pain Management: Cautions and Concerns 

Storing Methadone

The way you store methadone while you’re using it is crucial.

Keep it in its original container so you or someone living in your home doesn’t mistake it for another kind of medication. Also, keep it in a temperature-controlled environment. You don’t want your medication to get too hot or too cold.

Lastly, keep the bottle in a safe place if you have children or pets running around the home. Even though the container should be child-proof, it’s better to avoid the risk altogether.

Methadone for Pain Management: Cautions and Concerns 

Are You Using Methadone?

While methadone is an effective option for a few different conditions, it’s important to practice caution while using it.

When using methadone for pain, keep a careful watch on your tolerance, how you dispose of it, and how you store it.

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