Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

During the summer season, hair often turns dull and luster-less.

It isn’t rare for women to experience dry, dull, unmanageable hair.

The reason this is more common during the summer season is because of the intense

humidity that causes the hair to get less nourishment and moisture.

Apart from humidity, sometimes you may get dry, dull hair due to excessive use of your blow

dryer or because your shampoo contains chemicals that aren’t good for your hair.

When you make use of the wrong hair products, your hair will start to lose its luster making

hair difficult to style.

Your hair needs proper moisture, without which the cuticle of your hair will lose its smoothness.

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

If you cannot refrain from staying in the direct rays of the sun, then you should use anything

that can protect the hair from the sun rays.

Using a cotton scarf or a hat with tiny holes will help protect your scalp from becoming sweaty.

Drinking plenty of water during the summer season is not only good for the body, but is good for

your hair too.

Water can easily replace the lost water from the body and it benefits your hair as well.

In summer, since your hair may experience distress due to the hot rays of the sun, it would be best

not to apply additional heat to your hair which could make it appear dryer and duller.

When using the dryer you should blow lightly without putting too much stress on the hair.

Make sure that you shampoo your hair early enough so that your hair has sufficient time to

dry naturally–then you won’t need to use a dryer.

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

To avoid dull, dry hair and get your healthy shining tresses back again, here are a few quick yet

effective, food-based remedies you can use to repair and moisturize damaged, dry hair.

Repair Damage with an Avocado

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

Mash a ripe avocado (pit removed), then apply this home remedy to wet hair.

Avocados are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals that will help restore luster to your hair.

Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then rinse several times.

Repeat once a week for dry, dull hair and once a month for healthy hair.

Sesame Oil

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

Sesame oil is excellent nourishing oil.

As it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps in strengthening hair and increasing blood

circulation in the scalp.

Simply mix one tablespoon each of root juice, lemon juice, and sesame oil.

Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair.

Wrap your head with a hot towel.

After half an hour, rinse with shampoo.

Coconut Oil

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

Believe it or not, some remedies are actually simpler than you think.

This is by far the simplest one.

All you have to do is warm up the coconut oil a bit and massage it into your hair about 30 to

40 minutes before having a bath.

If you like, you can also add some coconut oil into your shampoo for better results.

There is nothing better than coconut oil for a nice head massage.

Some hair masks, on the other hand, can help protect you from dry and unmanageable hair

while also tackling the problem of split ends.

So you should certainly include these in your hair care routine.

Lemon Pack

643076_92348885 freeimages lemon

½ coconut
½ lemon
2 tablespoons of coconut milk

Cut the coconut into small pieces or grate it out.

Then put it into the grinder and add the milk to it.

Add one tablespoon of water to make a smooth paste.

Once you get a smooth paste, take a bowl.

Place a sieve over it, over that place a muslin or cotton cloth.

Pour the paste into the cloth and then squeeze the cloth, letting the coconut milk drain out of it.

For the next step, pour in the lemon juice.

From a quarter of the coconut, you usually get half a cup of coconut milk.

For half a cup of coconut milk, you will need around 2 tbsp. of lemon juice.

Once this is added, the coconut milk will start to curdle.

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

Mix this mixture well and place it into the refrigerator.

Leave it there for 30 minutes.

Once the time is up, you will notice the milk has turned into a cream.

Now that it is ready, you can apply it onto your hair.

Do this by parting your hair in the middle so that you can apply the cream easily.

You can also use this cream for your face if you have extremely dry skin.

Taking strands of your hair, start to apply the cream from the root till the end.

Let the cream set on your hair for an hour.

Then wash your hair with lukewarm water.

You can also make use of a mild shampoo.

Use this cream at least twice a week and not only will your dry hair go away, but your split ends

too will disappear.

Treat with Botanical Oils

Natural Home Remedies for Summer Hair Challenges

Available at health food stores, olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oils are all wonderful elixirs for

damaged hair.

If your hair is thick and heavy, coconut oil works well.

Dampen your hair and apply small amounts of the botanical oil until your hair is thoroughly covered.

Top off with shower cap and warm towel for about 30 minutes, then rinse and shampoo your hair out.

These remedies will certainly help you condition your dull, dry, damaged hair, leaving your hair looking

healthy once again.

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