Natural Pest Control Methods for Gardeners

Gardening is such a great way to take your mind off your daily stresses and connect with nature

in an intimate way.

Despite the great pleasures that come with gardening, there are also many obstacles to deal with,

namely pests.

There are many variety of insects that will stop at nothing to destroy your garden from top to bottom

the moment you start planting.

These pests are a force to be reckoned with and it’s advisable to put together a plan from the get-go.

This infographic on organic pest control methods courtesy of FCE Pest details some of the most effective

ways to handle pests naturally without the use of chemicals.

Biological Pest Control

Natural Pest Control Methods for Gardeners

This employs the methodology of incorporating ‘beneficial insects’ into your garden to control the bad

insects that destroy your plants and crop.

Beneficial insects include ladybugs, lacewings, ground beetles and others.

They eat and control the bad insects like aphids and cabbage worms.

Plant insectary plants to attract these beneficial insects.

Row Covers

This may seem obvious, but physically covering the plants with row covers provides a great shield from

harsh weather as well as menacing insects.

They also allow in the beneficial nutrients like sunlight, water and oxygen while keeping out the bad guys.

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)

Natural Pest Control Methods for Gardeners

By sprinkling D.E on your plants you are protecting them with a fossilized algae matter that feels like powder

to us, but is actually razor sharp to insects.

The D.E. will actually puncture the exoskeletons of insects and cause death in a few days due to dehydration.

Make sure to get the food grade and reapply after a rain shower.

Getting a natural pest control plan in place before you start your gardening is prudent and will surely save

you headaches down the line and keep your garden looking healthy all season long.

Check out more info in the infographic below and other eco-friendly gardening tips to jump start your green

thumb this spring.

DIY Garden Pest Control Infographic

Have you used natural pest control methods in your garden?

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