Natural Sources for Pain Relief 

Opioid addiction is a serious problem in our country.

According to recent science, drug overdoses kill more people than HIV/AIDS and guns,

but there is surprisingly little information out there about it.

More importantly, there are very few resources for people who might want to avoid opioids

and other pain relievers altogether.


“The idea that opting for natural remedies

over pharmaceutical options is weird or strange

is profoundly false.

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to

find natural pain relievers.”


First Things First

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

Before we get into the various natural substances you can use to dull or cure pain, we need to

address a couple of elephants in the room.

Firstly, the idea that opting for natural remedies over pharmaceutical options is weird or strange

is profoundly false.

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to find natural pain relievers.

For some of you reading, these might be your only options left after fighting drug addictions or

dealing with other illnesses.

And if this feels close to home, you should know that stopping opioids and pain killers cold turkey

can be rife with issues.

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

The withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly severe.

This is why many professionals recommend getting professional and inpatient help for their

detoxing process.

According to one center in Georgia:

“During a medically supported detox, each patient is treated by a team of medical

professionals who have years of experience managing withdrawal symptoms.

Aside from medical support, patients will also benefit from detoxing in an emotionally

stable and supportive environment away from the distractions of the world.

Having the both physical and emotional assistance is what helps detox patients stay

clear of relapsing due to intense withdrawal symptoms.

For this reason, inpatient detox presents patients with the best opportunity for

success as they are able to focus on what is truly important, getting clean.”

Going Au Natural

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

Even if you aren’t fighting or recovering from an addiction, eschewing pharmaceutical

painkillers can be challenging.

For one thing, natural pain relief ingredients are often more expensive than a small bottle

of ibuprofen.

For another, they usually require some processing and time to work. Even so, it is worth it.

A Quick Word About Cannabis

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

It’s true: Marijuana is completely legal in several states, even for recreational use.

It is also legal for medical issues in many more states.

And behind cannabis’s medical and pain relieving properties.

Even so, for most readers, obtaining cannabis is illegal so we won’t be talking about it

beyond what we have already said here.

Natural Pain Relief Products and Techniques

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

Unlike pharmaceutical pain relievers, which somehow magically just “know where to go,”

the type of natural substance you use will be determined by the type and location of your pain.

You’ll want to stock up on a few staples to keep all of your options covered.

Willow Bark:

Natural Sources for Pain Relief 

White willow bark is one of the closest natural methods you’ll find to a “cure all”

for pain relief.

Originally chewed to reduce fevers, willow bark can now be taken as a capsule or brewed

into a tea.

It works because one of its primary chemical compounds is salicin, which is very close,

chemically speaking, to the primary ingredient in aspirin.

And, like aspirin, willow bark is dangerous for children, can make you nauseous and affect

your kidneys.

It should not be used long term or in large doses.


Natural Sources for Pain Relief

Cloves can be used to treat a number of ailments but we are most interested in them as a

topical pain reliever.

It is best known for its use in helping ease the pain of toothaches and mouth pain in

dental patients.

It is a good idea to dilute the oil, though, because it’s potency when undiluted has been

known to cause problems.


Natural Sources for Pain Relief 

Turmeric has many medicinal purposes but it has proven most useful to those who suffer

from arthritis pain or psoriasis.

It is helpful in these cases because the properties in turmeric–known as curcumin–help

reduce inflammation and swelling.


Natural Sources for Pain Relief

This is found in red chili peppers and it

Capsaicin helps alleviate pain by dulling the nerve receptors in your body that are

responsible for the pain sensation.

This dulling can last for hours, days, or even weeks depending on how and for how long

it is applied.

Talk to a naturopath and your doctor for help before you try capsaicin on your own.

Cranberry Juice:

Natural Sources for Pain Relief

Cranberry juice is useful for more than the passing of kidney stones and UTIs!

Cranberry juice contains properties that attack and kill H. pylori, the bacteria that is

responsible for ulcers acting up and other indigestion pains.

These are just five substances found in nature that can help you alleviate pain and

pain-related issues.

Use them in conjunction with those wonderful old standbys: heat, ice, and pressure

and you should be pain free in very little time.


What are your favorite ways to treat pain naturally?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



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