New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mothers are truly angels on Earth.

She raised you, loved you, taught you how to be a better person, and she should be celebrated

for all of her hard work and unconditional love on Mother’s Day this May.

This year’s occasion falls on Sunday, May 8th, and you can make your celebrations and gifts

a standout.

A Floral Surprise

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

Flowers are a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, but you can take her by surprise and start the celebrations the Friday before. Instead of picking up the same old bouquet and bringing it over on Sunday consider ordering and have them delivered as a surprise straight to her work. She’ll gasp at the delivery and all of her coworkers will know just how loved she is. Talk about a great way to start off Mother’s Day weekend.

“X Things I Love About You” Project

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

An easy DIY gift that is sure to get the sentimental tears flowing is a project that requires a bit of creativity and a printer—that’s it. They say never ask a lady her age, but for this project you’ll want to use your mom’s wonderful years on the earth to your advantage. Perhaps she’s 65 this Mother’s Day; come up with 65 things you love about her. This may seem like an intense number, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly the ideas flow out once you have your pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It can be the silliest of things, and they need not be recent. Perhaps “Because you always made me tomato soup when I was sick” or “Because you are the best grandmother around”. You can shape your text into a heart with a Microsoft Word template and frame it for a refined, elegant, and inexpensive gift that she’s sure to adore. You can include the whole family in coming up with reasons your mom is loved and make sure she knows just how much you appreciate all she does for your family.

A Spielberg Masterpiece

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

So your mom might be computer illiterate, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some technology-purposed gifts. Take the time to scour through old photos, starting from when she first became a mother. You may need to scan old tangible photos onto your computer and compile recent photos from social media outlets like Facebook, and once you have your cache of memories to choose from, use a site like to transform your photos into a sentimental slideshow with music. When it comes time to celebrate, queue up your cinematic masterpiece on the television and wait for the tears to start coming. You can add to the tear-fest by having yourself and your siblings write down your favorite memories of mom and adding them into the slides. This will surely be a gift she won’t forget.

An Online Mother’s Day Date

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

You might live far away from home, and if you’re unable to make it back to celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t miss out on quality time just because of a little distance. Use the numerous amounts of technology available these days to have a long-distance dinner date. Set up Skype and eat together; after a while you’ll forget you’re not in the same room.

A Family Reunion

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

If you have enough time and your family doesn’t live too far away, turn Mother’s Day into a family affair and get all of the extended family members together for an impromptu reunion. This way, all the special mothers in your family can be celebrated at one time and you can reunite with loved ones you might not have seen in a while. Plan a big picnic in a local park to keep costs low and surprise your mom with the appearance of her favorite family members and friends.

A Day Off

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate your mother or you’re the mom in question, one celebration that should be considered is some overdue pampering. Mothers are superheroes in disguise and have mastered the art of multitasking. For this Mother’s Day, let her take a break from the world and spend the day at a spa resort relaxing and taking time to recharge. Time for yourself becomes a hot commodity when you transition into motherhood, and some relaxing alone time might be all she needs to feel cherished this Mother’s Day. If you have plans to spend the day together, plan the relaxing day for the day before or weekend after and treat her like the queen she is. Depending on her preferences, you could also make it a mommy and me day and

New Takes on Celebrating Mother’s Day

Let your mom know how much you love and appreciate her this Mother’s Day with any of these unique celebration ideas.


What are your favorite ways to show Mom some love on Mother’s Day?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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