Dazzled by the latest haute jeans, fancy purses, and clunky sneakers, we often forget that sometimes style comes at a very high price both for our own and our environment’s wellbeing. It may be an issue that has only recently started to gain more publicity, but fashion, especially the fast kind, has a profound impact on the survival of our planet, as well as our long-term health. Somehow, style has always been a slave to trends, but now, we have finally entered an era where beauty and fashion are being redefined to meet new standards – ones that focus on the environment, organic materials, your health and wellbeing.

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A segment of the fashion industry that has especially started to change its ways is the production of different fabrics that are in use. Things such as organic cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp, and other durable, natural materials are slowly stepping into the spotlight, simultaneously reshaping the idea of what makes you chic and stylish. While the short answer to the above question is most definitely an affirmative one, there’s so much we can learn about achieving a chic look with the help of eco-friendly fabrics.
Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?

Adding some color to your palette

If your first thought that comes to mind at the mention of “organic” is the image of dull monochromes, you couldn’t be further from the truth. While most eco-conscious brands do strive for simplicity that allows your garments to be multifunctional, they still incorporate without the use of toxins and chemicals. By giving you more hues to work with but without the harmful footprint, you can definitely enhance the chicness of your wardrobe!
You can now easily find brands that implement coloring processes that are much more eco-friendly, while they still imbue their pieces with plenty of vibrancy. You can look for a wide range of hues in your garments without harming the planet in the process, and still look as chic as you like!
Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?

Mind your lingerie

Chic starts beneath the outfit that you present to the world – it begins with the organic items you treat your most intimate body parts with, the ones that make all the other bits of your ensemble feel like perfectly fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. However, you needn’t stick to the so-called granny pants to incorporate an organic touch; on the contrary!
More brands are now turning toward a more delicate, feminine approach, so you can still wear with all the perks of organic bamboo to pamper and protect your skin. Look for equally organic-infused tops, and you’ll soon crave for an entire collection of organic-based lingerie to replace your monotone undies and bras. An added perk to such an effortless, chic look is that your skin will truly appreciate the fabrics used in the making of these pieces, as organic bamboo has certain protective, anti-bacterial properties that are perfect for your skin.
Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?

Comfort increased

Lately, much of the fashion world, especially in the Scandinavian capitals, has been focused on creating a more comfortable look. Oversized cotton shirts, maxi skirts and dresses, high-waisted trousers, and massive coats are all in the spotlight of designer collections, as they have been for quite a few years now. In fact, with the right organic brand on your side, you can even have a selection of made of stunning organic blends that will remain in style for a long time.
No matter the occasion, fashion is switching towards a more comfortable approach that allows you to find pieces that will not only suit your chic look, but that will also reflect your eco-conscious values and allow you to wear your beliefs to the office, to a cocktail event, and to your coffee date without breaking your budget.
Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?

Timeless beats trendy

When was the last time you discovered a pair of jeans or that perfect floral skirt you just knew you would wear for as long as it would fit you? Did it perhaps fall apart, lose its form, or fade in color, with only a few months of regular wear? This is yet another way in which fast fashion is in dire need of a change of pace. We all know that , your pearl necklace, and the red lip will never ever go out of style, so why not make them last longer with quality materials and durable fabrics?
Organic cotton, for example, in addition to silk and other natural materials produced in a sustainable manner beats all the odds of other, more popular fashion choices. Trends may come and go, but if you opt for fashion items that not only resonate with your environmental beliefs but that also outlast fast fashion garments, you can chic-up your wardrobe and stay true to your style of choice!
Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes?
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Can You Be Chic and Wear Organic Clothes? - Organic #cotton, #bamboo, linen, hemp, and other durable, #natural materials are slowly stepping into the spotlight, simultaneously reshaping the idea of what makes you #chic and stylish.  #Organic #cotton #bamboo  #linen  #hemp  #naturalfabrics  #ecofashion  #organicclothing #sustainablefashion