The age of the computer has not been kind to the outdoors. Desktop computers need to be plugged in all the time. More and more, we find ourselves in a dark room at a desk, in a chair, staring at a screen, developing some sort of RSI in our hands and wrists. We are less interested in the yard and more interested in the wifi connectivity.

The problem didn’t start with computers. It started with TV. Video games are a sort of convergence between the computer and TV. There are plenty of young adults who have never played sports. And the idea of athleticism is a joke to them. They take pride in knowing nothing about sports ball.


We are becoming indoor people raising a generation with no idea why the outdoors is considered so great.Click To Tweet


Environmental concerns are merely intellectual pursuits rather than something visceral born of meaningful experience. We are becoming indoor people who are raising a generation who has no idea why the outdoors is considered so great. If you want to get outside of the box you call home and reconnect with what lies beyond, here are a few ways, and reasons to do it:


Make the Yard a Part of the Home
Outside the Box: How to Make the Outdoors a Regular Part of Your Life

It is a small consideration, but true nonetheless: You paid for that yard. It came with the house. You just as well make it a part of the home. Failure to do so can devalue the home. And putting a little work into the yard can greatly increase the value. So just as a practical concern, getting to know the outdoors begins at home.

One of the best places to start is installing a . That way, you can utilize your yard without being observed. You don’t have to worry about nosy or judgmental neighbors. A good fence will also provide an enclosure for the dog you always wanted.

One of the best hobbies is starting a small garden. Even if that garden is nothing more than a few potted plants around the porch, it is enough to get you outside every day and be involved with nature in a meaningful way. As with most things that matter, your adventure with nature begins at home. And a good fence is just the beginning of you making the yard a meaningful part of your investment.


The Outdoors as a Natural Health Spa

Outside the Box: How to Make the Outdoors a Regular Part of Your Life

It should come as no surprise that nature has healing properties. Medicine developed in a lab is based on plants and herbs found in nature. Tapping into the healing benefits of nature is as simple as strapping on a pair of running shoes and taking a jog in a park, or purchasing a bicycle and going for a leisurely ride instead of a drive.

Even some of the less healthy aspects of getting out can be good for us. It is important that we come in contact with germs for a more resilient immune system. The people who seem to never get sick are not the ones who isolate themselves from nature. It is usually the ones who embrace it. As humans, we are creatures of dirt and water. We have no reason to fear our natural habitat and every reason to live in harmony with it.


If you want to get outdoors and reconnect with nature, here are great ways, and reasons to do it.Click To Tweet


Appreciate Nature Through a Different Lens

Outside the Box: How to Make the Outdoors a Regular Part of Your Life

One reason we miss what nature has to offer is that we are so busy doing other things when we do take the time to go outside. The main reason many of us venture outside is as a means of getting to another indoor location. On the way, we are driving, or texting, or having our attention pulled in some other direction.

One of the best ways to appreciate what is around us is to take pictures with the cameras we already have with us. You can . Taking outdoor photos gives an opportunity and reason to take a second look at the beauty you normally only see in passing.

Outside the Box: How to Make the Outdoors a Regular Part of Your Life

Start by making your yard a part of your home. Then experience the health benefits of getting outside. Finally, take a second look through a different lens. You can literally discover new life by stepping outside of the box you call home.


What are your favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors?

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