Peachy Almond Butter Green Superfood Smoothie

There’s nothing more enjoyable than going to my local farmer’s market and finding fresh,

juicy, organic peaches and sugary-sweet, seedless grapes.

That’s better than candy!

What a delight!

Best of all, both items were relatively low-priced, so I happily bagged a couple of pounds

and toted them home to my kitchen where these yummy peaches and grapes became the

centerpiece of my morning smoothie.

I must confess that the raw almond butter made a significant contribution to the satisfying

taste of this thick, rich and creamy Peachy Almond Butter Green Smoothie.

Try it.

I think you’ll like it!

Peachy Almond Butter Green Smoothie

Peachy Almond Butter Green Superfood Smoothie


2 Organic Bananas

2 Organic Peaches

1 cup Organic Seedless Grapes

2 tablespoons Raw Almond Butter

2 tbspns Hemp Powder

2 tbspns Flaxseed Powder

2 tbspns Chia Seeds

6 filtered water ice cubes

1 cup Organic Spinach

1 cup Organic Arugula

1 cup filtered water

Peachy Almond Butter Green Superfood Smoothie


Add the ingredients to your blender  in the order above. (I use a VitaMix.)

Blend until smooth.

Turn off the blender.

Taste your smoothie to see if it suits you.

If it is too thick add a little more filtered water.

If it is not sweet enough, add a few more grapes.

Blend again.

Pour into a large glass.

Add leftover smoothie to a mason jar.

Cover and store in your refrigerator for later the same day.

Drink up and enjoy!


Do you like to make smoothies?

What’s in your smoothie today?

What are the ingredients in your favorite smoothie?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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Peachy Almond Butter Green Superfood Smoothie