Physical fitness will enhance your brain potential — resulting in better academic performance or turning you into a more insightful employee. In fact, fitness is so important to some people that they use professional writers whenever in order to leave more time for exercise. A workout acts as an eye opener that often results in better academic and professional performance. In short, physical activity and brain health go hand in hand.

Working out does not necesarily mean enrolling in a gym. A few jumping jacks in your room, squats, or even walking a few miles a week counts as physical exercise and will allow you to reap the benefits. A look at the mental benefits of physical exercise will help you to appreciate the connection. 


  • Blood Supply To The Brain

Physical activity causes increased blood supply to all parts of the body. The blood supplies nutrients and minerals to the brain. Since these are the building blocks, the increased supply means that your brain has sufficient and even a surplus. It will reduce mental fatigue and make your brain muscles more resilient. 

More blood and nutrients to the brain translates into a sharper thinker. Waste material that may cloth your thinking is also removed, clearing the head and your entire system to create a clear mind. Exercise ensures that the brain has everything it needs to ensure that the brain is operating at full capacity. 


  • Active Brain Cells

Brain cells of an active person are healthier than those of a dormant one. Like all other parts of the body, physical exercise results in quick regeneration of the cells. The old cells are replaced faster and have all the nutrients they need to function optimally. It will make your brain healthier and younger, enabling you to operate beyond your capacity. 

Active brain cells translate into a brighter person. You can see situations and ideas in a better and brighter way. You make decisions faster and can relate to people or situations easily. This is the perfect brain condition for a student. 

Physical Activity and Brain Health: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand   

  • Prevents Depression

A clogged mind and slow brain cells easily result in depression. If you want to keep away from anxiety, stress, and eventually depression, hit the gym or just develop an exercise regime. Happiness chemicals and hormones are sent to the brain whenever you exercise. The toxins associated with stress are easily removed when you exercise. The benefits of physical exercise in this case extend to the mind even as you tone your muscles.

An active and younger mind is saved from depression. Blood circulation to all parts of the body and especially the brain will keep your mood high. The happiness chemicals and hormones released will eliminate the possibility of depression or anxiety. 



  • Sharper Memory And Thinking

A good memory is an asset to any student or employee. It makes it easier to learn and complete exercises. It will also improve your social relations. Scientists have discovered that people who exercise also find it easier to remember things. 

Improved memory extends to old age. Physical exercise has been credited for delaying and even reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Without such deterioration of your mental capacity, you will enjoy high quality life until old age. 

Exercise will turn you into a more dependable thinker. Your ideas are insightful and will enable you to make better progress in life. It improves your speed, accuracy, and the ability to understand complex ideas.  

Physical Activity and Brain Health: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand   

  • Improved Self Image And Esteem

The feel-happy hormones released when you exercise or engage in intense physical activity will reflect in an improved self esteem. It turns you into a more positive person to yourself and to the people in your life. You will feel physically stronger and mentally powerful. It translates into improved self esteem. 

Better self worth and self esteem are crucial in helping you to maintain a positive lifestyle. Because your body is better toned, your appearance will also improve. Because you are meeting small exercise goals, you will feel a great sense of achievement. The positive energy will be sent to the brain, giving you a more positive feel about your life. 


  • More Energy

Mental energy is as important as physical energy whenever you have an exercise to complete. Increased blood supply to the head results in more activity and enhanced mental energy. Your heart pumps faster during exercise, resulting in more oxygen to the head. The muscles are also stronger and can support intense activity. By increasing workout, you will feel more energetic and capable of handling harder decisions and brain activity. All these activities result in a younger and energetic brain that will improve your mental capacity.

Physical Activity and Brain Health: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand   

  • Mental and Emotional Resilience 

Your victories and losses in life will begin with the brain. If the brain cannot handle an intense exercise like learning or solving a work related puzzle, the body will also feel the fatigue and give up in the process. It puts you on a pedestal to crack some of the toughest assignments as well as be assigned higher responsibilities because your brain can handle them.

Emotional resilience is equally important. If you exercise regularly you will also be emotionally resilient. You can face heavy emotional issues without breaking down. This resilience helps you to avoid anxiety and stress, two of the most dangerous short as well as long term brain damaging experiences. 



Clearly, physical activity and brain health go hand in hand. Exercise does not mean that you should enroll in a gym. Walk around your neighborhood, improvise with containers around the houses, or even take the stairs. Anything that will keep your physically fit is welcome healing for your brain.


Are you getting enough exercise?

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