Each year, the ideals of beauty change. And every man inexorably strives to achieve his ideal. A beautiful appearance and a young body allows some girls to feel attractive and confident. That is why the world popularized the field of plastic surgery. More than 300 million dollars are spent on plastic surgery every year.

The most popular country for medical tourism at the moment is South Korea. has become popular due to the presence of professional doctors. The good news is that the is one of the lowest in the world.



Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Why is it worth paying attention to South Korea?

Procedures carried out by plastic surgeons can save face and body from the smallest defects, leaving no scars and sutures. The fact is that medicine in Korea is one of the best in the world. Such popularity is explained by a number of reasons:

• Availability of highly qualified doctors.
• Modern equipment.
• Innovative clinics.
• High quality of medical treatment.
• Low prices.
• Friendly mentality.

Korean plastic surgeons perform hundreds of surgeries every day. This enables them to successfully perform surgeries of any complexity and specificity. Private specialized plastic surgery centers specialize in aesthetic surgery. List of the most popular surgeries for 2018:

• Breast augmentation.
• Blepharoplasty.
• Liposuction.
• Hair transplant.
• Rhinoplasty.
• Facelift.


Korean surgery

The demand for plastic surgery is increasing every year. The reason for this is that cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more developed, less invasive and cheaper. Innovative techniques and technologies will be used to further improve the quality of aesthetic procedures.

According to statistics, more than two million patients are treated in Korea every year. Korea has the highest percentage of successful surgeries – 98%. Such high efficiency is due to the work of professional doctors with vast experience.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Advantages of modern plastic surgery

Plastic surgery in South Korea is an affordable, safe, and quick way to change your appearance. The successful practice of Korean doctors and millions of satisfied patients around the world confirm this.

High efficiency of plastic surgery, the durability of its results, and safety for the patient’s health are possible due to the following conditions:

  • One-day surgery – most of the interventions to correct the appearance of the skin is performed in outpatient settings, without hospitalization of the patient, which significantly reduces the treatment time.
  • Local anesthesia allows not submerging the patient into anesthesia. As a result, the harmful effect on the patient’s organism is reduced.
  • The use of advanced low-invasive methods applied in Korean hospitals consists of a minimum required impact on the organism. This allows a reduction in the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery, as much as possible.


Plastic surgery always has risks. Therefore, each patient is fully examined before surgery. There are some contraindications that will prevent you from receiving treatment in South Korea.

Plastic surgery is denied to people under the age of 18. After all, your body is still growing and changing. Carrying out plastic surgery for people under the age of majority simply makes no sense. Here is the list of pathologies,  which having, will not allow you to carry out plastic surgery:

  • Diseases in the blood system.
  • Drug allergies.
  • Decompensated hypertensive disease.
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  • The high degree of obesity.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Presence of oncological diseases.
  • Mental disorders.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

The easiest way to undergo treatment in Korea

Korean plastic surgeons have been able to achieve impressive results largely due to their vast experience and the use of modern technology. To visit the country for treatment, all you need to do is contact medical tourism operator .

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