Expect The Unexpected

It’s an old cliché, but if you’re going to go camping, you should know that things will happen which you cannot anticipate. While it’s impossible to prepare for every eventuality, it is possible to take basic precautions which will ensure you can handle common medical issues when in the deep mountains. Colorado has fine camping, but safety is key.

First and foremost, if you’re out of shape, camping can be more dangerous than if you’re at your physical peak. There will likely be hiking involved, you’ll need to haul your equipment for miles in some cases. You’ll have to set up the tent, you might have to go without a shower for a while, and there are no restrooms in the forest—this can be hard for some.

The best way to get in shape is to . Camping can actually help you get in shape in this respect, but you should prepare yourself if your body hasn’t been through heavy exertion recently. Carry lots of water and proper healthy food which won’t spoil. Additionally, familiarize yourself with varying techniques of hunting small game, obtaining drinking water, edible foliage, and starting fires without either matches or lighters.

When it comes to medical conditions that may require medication, you may want to keep additional doses of necessary meds with you. Pack for twice the stay you expect, essentially. Also, know what you can do if medication is lost for some reason. It may also be pertinent to get a physical checkup of some variety.

Preparing For Common Medical Issues When Camping 

Get A Checkup Before You Travel

For example, if you know there are sinus issues among your children, and you’re going to be camping near the “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado, you might get your kids checked out at this before you hit the trails, and learn what sort of treatments can help either allergy or sinus blockage. Sometimes, camping may not be wise. Sometimes you’ll be fine so long as you pay attention.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the things you can control, your next step will be preparing for the unexpected. For example, what if you or a loved one catches a fish, and it gives you food poisoning because it ate something bad on the bottom of a lake? Well, you’d want to have hydration immediately available, and somewhere safe to rest.

Additionally, a thermometer may be necessary to determine if a person who suddenly comes down with an illness has a fever. While there are nausea medications out there that can be helpful here as well, such as Dramamine, sometimes this is the wrong thing for a stomach bug.

Lotions are a good idea to keep with you. Poison ivy or insect bites can make a hike very uncomfortable. Aloe vera is a good idea to keep with you. Also, Vick’s Vapo-Rub can be a good thing to keep with you. Don’t forget sunscreen and su nglasses, either. If you get a sunburn, brush against poison ivy, get bit by a spider, eat a bad fish, and have an allergic reaction, well that’s just everything at once! It’s also not impossible.

Preparing For Common Medical Issues When Camping 

Safe Camping

You can’t control everything, but basic medical issues that can be anticipated should be prepared for. Ensure you’ve got proper food and water when traveling, get checked up before your excursion, bring along medication if necessary, don’t forget lotions like aloe vera or sunscreen, and be ready for something to happen you didn’t expect.

Camping is good fun, and represents a great way to get a break from the technology which hampers us, and can even be bad for our mental health. However, you’ve got to be prepared. The natural world is rewarding, but there’s a learning curve, and you want to be best suited to recover if you become unexpectedly ill.


How do you prepare for common medical issues when camping?

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Preparing For Common Medical Issues When Camping - Camping is good fun, and represents a great way to get a break from the technology which hampers us, and can even be bad for our mental health. However, you’ve got to be prepared.  #camping   #medicalissues   #healthyliving   #healthycamping