Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the biting cold and blustery weather and welcome those longer

days and brighter mornings with open arms.

Spring is finally drawing closer and this can only mean one thing, it’s time to get out into your

garden and prepare it for the exciting gardening-filled days ahead.

Whilst it may seem a little soon to be mowing your lawn and trimming your bushes, there are so

many things you can do to prepare your garden for Spring and ensure that you can go straight

into your gardening projects when the warmer weather finally arrives.

Flowerbeds and Borders

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Throughout the winter months your flowerbeds and borders can become a little disheveled and

start looking a little sorry for themselves.

With leaves and other debris gathered in the flowerbeds and parts of your borders beginning to

warp or bend, now is the time to give them a little TLC to ensure they’re in top shape for the

next season.

Have a tidy up around these areas and dispose of any excess rubbish that has gathered, as this

can cause the soil to rot.

Replacing the soil is also really beneficial, however this is something that should be done a week

before you plan to plant in that area.

Fences, Gates and Trellis

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Your garden is often a space that requires privacy and shelter, to prevent prying eyes or unwanted

onlookers, so now is the best time to check that your fencing and gates are still in good shape.

There’s often a time when the fence is missing a panel or the gate lock has gone a little stiff, and

we leave these jobs for another day.

Well, now is that day.

Check that your fencing, gates and trellises are all in good condition and working well, as this will

ensure your garden is protected and private for when you start to use it again.

The Greenhouse and Shed

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

If you’re the lucky owner of a greenhouse, then its more than likely your pride of joy.

There’s nothing more exciting than heading out to spend some quality time in your greenhouse,

growing your favorite flowers or simply sitting back and enjoying a good gardening magazine.

Over the winter months your greenhouse can become very dirty, with a build-up of moss, cobwebs

and plant debris and not only will this make your greenhouse look dull and dirty, but it will also

prevent sunlight from flowing properly into your greenhouse and helping your beloved plants to grow.


, so giving yours a wash down and polish will ensure

it adds character and style to your garden!

For your garden shed, ensuring that simple features such as the locks, windows and roof are all in

good condition is vital.

The last thing you want is for your shed window to have an almighty crack through the glass panel,

or for your roof to let any unwanted water inside.

Pest Prevention

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Winter can be a nightmare when it comes to unwanted pests.

The cold weather draws them in and encourages them to create nests in built up areas of the garden

to help them hibernate and keep warm.

Now is the time to target different areas of your garden and ensure they are covered in the right product

to help keep those unwanted pests away.

You may have to do some investigating to discover where they are hiding, but once you’ve located them

you can put the necessary product down to ensure they don’t stay for long!

Compost Spot

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Going to the tip with several bags of garden waste can be a pain at times, especially when you’re working

on your garden frequently throughout the Spring.

If you don’t already have one, creating a compost spot in your garden will benefit you massively, especially

when it comes to garden waste.

Your compost pile will enable you to , and your plants will benefit from

the rich compost too!

Polish Your Tools

Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

Now is the time to dust off your gardening toolkit and give your trusty shears a polish.

Your tools may have become stiff or blunt over the previous months of gardening, so giving them a quick

sharpen and polish will ensure they’re in good condition for when you begin your gardening projects.


Planning what you want to plant this Spring/Summer is also a great idea, as you may find you need to

update your toolkit with the latest product to ensure you get the most out of your gardening!


It's time to prepare the garden for warmer weather!


What are your favorite tips for preparing your garden for spring?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.