Random Eats - A Look at Ottawa and It's Food

In this article we are going to pick a random place (in this case Ottawa) and talk about

its cuisine.

The Ottawans enjoy their food as much as any other nation and at first glance their fare

may seem plain.

However, if you dig deep enough it’s possible to turn up some real tasty gems.

Because of the mixed heritage of Canada with roots in French, Scottish, English, Asian

and even Caribbean lineages, the food tends to reflect differing tastes depending on the

region you are in.

Here, we take a look at the capital of Canada and discuss its food, tastes and even


French Cuisine

Random Eats - A Look at Ottawa and It's Food

There are many nationalities present in Ottawa and one predominant influence is French.

French cuisine is popular in Ottawa and the delicacies on offer here include exquisite sweet

pastries, mouth watering seared duck breast with honey, orange, and thyme as well as

unforgettable dark chocolate, creamy profiteroles.

These exquisite and uniquely French tastes are available all over the city and indeed can be

delivered to your door for a little extra expense by the best restaurants in Ottawa.

Greek Cuisine

Random Eats - A Look at Ottawa and It's Food

Greek food is a growing influence in many cultures around the world and it’s reach has

extended to even this cold clime.

One of the tastiest things you will ever consume in a Greek eating house is a good Souvlaki

which consists of tender pieces of chopped pork or lamb, served up in a soft pitta bread with

sweet vine or cherry tomatoes, fresh, crunchy lettuce as well as diced onions and creamy,

sour sadziki.

Olive oil features heavily in most Greek dishes and is well known for its heart-positive

properties so don’t be put off by anything seemingly oily as it will probably be olive-derived.

Most Greek food houses will be delighted to deliver for free, should you meet a minimum

order price.

Chinese Cuisine

Random Eats - A Look at Ottawa and It's Food

Our next port of call is Asian in nature for what kind of culinary portmanteau would this

be without touching at least once on the fabulously diverse offerings served up by our

Oriental friends?

There is an extremely wide selection of all over the world and Ottawa is no

stranger to its prevalence.

Whether you savor something crunchy, soft, sweet, sour, spicy or plain, the chances are

you will find what suits you on a good Chinese menu.

Ottawa boasts a great selection of Chinese eateries with international favourites on the

menu including sweet and sour pork, special fried rice and of course crispy Peking duck

in delicious Hoisin sauce.

Japanese Cuisine

Random Eats - A Look at Ottawa and It's Food

Following on with our Asian theme, it’s worth mentioning that Ottawa boasts a fine

selection of Japanese restaurants if your palate allows for fresh Sushi, hibachi and

yakitori grilled chicken.

Japanese food tends to the colourful with sushi of a myriad of colors and tastes to match

available from the best Japanese Maison Mangers.

The atmosphere in a Japanese restaurant tends towards cushions and relaxation with

soft, contemplative music in the background and idyllic displays of lotus trees shading

stately ladies wearing ornate kabukis from a soft yellow sun.


Ottawa enjoys as diverse a food selection as many other cities and its worth having a

good nose around its stately streets and rambling lanes and alleys to find an eating

house to your taste.


Do you like to explore diverse cuisines?

What are your favorite types of food?

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