Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

Ever thought about dressing your bathroom with reclaimed wood?

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not only reserved for the kitchen and living room;

it can be mixed into your bathroom design quite easily.

If you’re already thinking about redoing your bathroom, consider tearing out your current

bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanity to add a unique element in the mix: reclaimed wood!

Reclaimed wood is a category all on its own.

It’s a favourite of homeowners and designers, and it can be found in countless restaurants

and bars around town.

So, what is it exactly?

It’s wood that has been part of other furniture, structures or buildings for other purposes.

Instead of just tossing it altogether, this wood can be reused, which explains the meaning

behind its name.

Typically, wood that comes from warehouses and barns are the most common reclaimed

wood pieces.

But those aren’t the only sources.

Wood from walls and floors may be reused as well, and are therefore reclaimed wood

pieces too.


“If you’re thinking about redoing your

bathroom, consider tearing out your

current bathroom cabinets or bathroom

vanity to add a unique element

in the mix: reclaimed wood!”



Why is Reclaimed Wood So Attractive?


Reclaimed wood is simply unlike other materials.

With time and age, the physical characteristics of the wood intensify.

The texture, patterns and colours of it become richer as years go by.

For a unique and luxurious appearance, many people gladly choose reclaimed wood to

be part of their homes.  

And for people who love owning pieces that have a history behind it, reclaimed wood

naturally carries stories and sentiment.

The wood could come from anywhere like a barn that’s over 100 years old or an old, torn

down factory.  

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

We also can’t forget about the eco-friendly aspect of it.

Reusing wood for different purposes means less trees having to be cut down.

It’s a big win-win for you if you love beautiful furniture and living an environmentally-

friendly lifestyle.

Get inspired on how you can tie reclaimed wood into your bathroom design below.

Ditch the Stone & Choose Wooden Countertops Instead

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

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Adding reclaimed wood in the bathroom can be a pleasant unexpected touch, especially

for countertops.

Keep in mind of course that there will be some maintenance required.

To preserve wood countertops, you have options such as applying finishes like mineral oil

or Rubio Monocoat.

These finishes help to prevent stains from seeping and building up in the wood.

General maintenance such as wiping up water splashes and spills immediately is also key to

keeping your countertops in good shape.

Mix in Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

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are a great, practical way to show off the beauty and richness

of the wood.   

Go for a lighter colour to blend the bathroom cabinets in seamlessly if your bathroom is already

bright and clean.

Darker wooden cabinets, on the other hand, will add a striking balance in the bathroom.

This design above carries wood throughout the walls and door for a cohesive look, but you can

easily get away with just updating your cabinet design for a fresh look.

Create an Accent Wall

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

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This idea is for those who aren’t intimidated by going all out with wood.

It’s a visually appealing design idea, and a practical one too.

With an accent wall, especially if it’s away from the sink, the risk of the wood getting damaged

is lessened.

Add More Storage Options with Wooden Shelves

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

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If you’re working with a small bathroom or a powder room, it’s possible to maximize the space

by installing wood shelves.

Store towels and toiletries on these shelves to make use of all of the space you’ve got.

This is a good way to add a little hint of rustic elements without diving all the way in if you’re not

quite ready yet.   

Make a Big Impression with a Barn Yard DoorReclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood

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To create a design feature that instantly adds an in-your-face first impression into your bathroom,

Consider this idea for a master bathroom and try to pick a barnyard door style that complements

the design you have in your home.

There’ll be plenty of styles to choose from, but choose one that harmonizes with the aesthetic

of your bathroom and surrounding rooms.

You don’t want to pick a door that throws off the rest of your design.  

Reclaim Your Bathroom Style With Reclaimed Wood


Have you fallen in love with reclaimed wood?

Have you used reclaimed wood in your home or bathroom?

What are your favorite ways to use reclaimed wood?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.