For busy moms, finding time for yourself can become a challenge when you have to juggle so many demands like family, work and maintaining a household. Even though your role as a mom is full of incredible and fulfilling responsibilities, they can still leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. This is why relaxation and meditation are so important.
10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  

Finding time for yourself can become a challenge when you have to juggle demands like #family, #work and maintaining a #household, but it is important to make time to find peace of mind despite a hectic schedule.Click To Tweet
Here are some of our best tips on how busy moms can find peace of mind despite a hectic schedule.

#1. Create a Sacred Space at Home

One of the first things busy moms can do is create their own designated space within their homes where they can retreat and spend quiet time. This could be a cozy corner where you enjoy a warm cup of coffee or it can be an entire room such as a home office or bedroom. No matter the location, ensure your special space is free of distractions and full of items that will put a smile on your face.
10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  

#2 .Try Guided Meditations

Another great way for moms to relax is to do guided meditations. Guided meditations are created to help you reach deep relaxation by clearing your thoughts so that you can find a place of inner peace. Many guided meditations are full of positive affirmations that will physically relax you while helping to alleviate feelings of stress that you may be experiencing. Check out this quick and easy 7-Minute Wake Up & Breathe Meditation for Moms to help reduce your stress levels.

#3. Have a Spa Day (At Home!)

If booking a full day of treatments at the spa is not an option, instead treat yourself to your favorite amenities all from the comfort of your own home. For example, creating a relaxing bubble bath, painting your nails, or doing an at-home facial are all excellent ways to recharge, present your best self and feel better in an instant.
10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  

#4. Relaxing Tunes

Listening to some soothing tunes is a great way to relax and unwind. This is because good music can enhance your mood, help you to relax and even go hand-in-hand with your meditations. For instance, calming music has been shown to lower blood pressure, slow a racing heart rate and help people explore their emotions. In short, music is a great way to help you settle down and take your mind off of a hectic day.

#5. Practice Simple Breathing Techniques

Breathing impacts your state of mind for the better or worse. For instance, panicked breathing can be counterproductive and even induce feelings of stress or anxiety. Luckily the calming effects of simple breathing and awareness of breath can help to renew your sense of well-being. From positive thoughts, to self-awareness, to an overall sense of calm, conscious breathing has many benefits. Here is a great video demonstrating a simple breathing exercise to help moms become aware of their breaths.

#6. Try Gemstones & Crystals

Healing gemstones and crystals can be used in meditation to help moms release anxiety, tension and negative emotions. Stones including quartz crystal, selenite, palm stones, agate, and amethyst are just some of the top choices that allow positive energy to flow into your life. Crystal meditation can help to raise your awareness while leaving you with feelings of love, joy, peace and acceptance for yourself and those around you.

#7. Practice Being Present

Another approach to relaxing and meditating for busy moms is to concentrate on being present or grounded in the moment. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can be amplified when people’s thoughts race with worry about the future or even thinking about scenarios that have not yet occurred. Moms can relax and quiet their minds by focusing on the present, appreciating the here and the now, including the small enjoyable moments spent with their families and at work.
10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  

#8. Start a Journal

Working moms can also start a journal. Journaling can help you to stay organized but it can also help you to release the tensions you’ve experienced during the week. Writing out your thoughts and getting your feelings down on paper is therapeutic. This is a great way for busy moms to relax and contemplate on their experiences.

#9. Do More of What You Love

Also consider cutting back on some of the more stressful activities in your life where possible. Instead, concentrate more on the activities that you love. This could include reading a good book, watching a favorite movie or preparing a favorite meal. The key is to carve out this time, make it a priority and enjoy every moment of it.
10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  

#10. Join a Local Meditation Group

Lastly, consider joining a local meditation group for moms. You can find your tribe and meet others who are also searching for ways to relax and feel better. This great social activity will grant you some much needed girl time and introduce you to other moms with experiences just like yours.

Free Relaxation and Meditation Resources

10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom  
As an added bonus, here is a round-up of some of our top free relaxation and meditation resources to get you started on your new journey:

  1. Insight Timer – This great guided meditation app gives busy moms access to over 1,000 meditations along with calming music to choose from.
  2. Omvana – The Omvana app is the #1 app for meditations in over 30 countries. It features hundreds of meditation tracks that address various areas of a busy mom’s life including sleep, focus and relaxation.
  3. Beyond Burnout – Solutions for Working Moms – This great podcast covers a variety of topics that are of interest to moms on the go. From motherhood, to mental health, career and homework strategies—these are discussions that many moms will surely appreciate.
  4. Working Moms Against Guilt – This great website provides a plethora of helpful resources for moms to help them relax while feeling guilt-free as they make time for themselves despite their commitments to family and work.
  5. Living With Hart – This YouTube channel provides a glimpse into a busy mom’s. With helpful tips on a number of topics including relaxation and meditation tips, there’s no wonder why this channel is so popular.

What are your favorite meditation and relaxation tips?
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10 Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom: Finding time for yourself can become a challenge when you have to juggle demands like #family, #work and maintaining a #household, but it is important to make time to find peace of mind despite a hectic schedule #mom #mother #meditation #relaxation