Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

We all want to look and feel a little younger, but the idea of going under the knife is as scary

as it sounds.

With today’s arsenal of advanced beauty products and a few healthy habits there’s no need

for surgical intervention.

There are fountains of youth all around us, and some are already in our homes.


“These 6 skin essentials

will keep you looking

years younger than

you actually are

without the need

for cosmetic surgery.”


Drinks Lots of Water

Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger
When you’re not properly hydrated in shows in your skin.

But water isn’t just good for your epidermis.

It’s amazing for your entire body and supports virtually every bodily function.

Proper hydration starts by consuming an adequate amount of water – something many

Americans aren’t getting enough of.

Dermatologists across the country agree that increasing your water consumption can have

significant skin benefits.

Hydrated skin is more taunt, plump and smooth.

This will create a domino affect that “fills in” wrinkles and pores.

Water also aids in collagen production and can help dull skin appear brighter.

Another residual benefit of hydrated skin is a lower likelihood of skin irritation and acne.

How much water should you gulp down each day?

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic recommend that women drink 9 cups of water throughout the day.

Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables

Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

One word – antioxidants.

These free radical fighters are big skin boosters that protect your skin against almost

every sign of aging.

Antioxidants are added to many skincare products, but you can load up on them naturally

by loading fruits and vegetables onto your plate.

People often eat salad to lose weight, but there are huge skin benefits too.

Antioxidants not only protect the skin they also aid in cellular repair and can increase the

effectiveness of sunscreen.

The top antioxidants to incorporate into your diet are vitamin C, vitamin E, resveratrol

and green tea.

Some veggies are also great sources of hyaluronic acid (see below).

Layer on Sunscreen – Everyday
Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

We’ve heard it all before, but it bears repeating.

Wear sunscreen – everyday, not just during outdoor activities.

Even if you’re sitting inside an office your skin isn’t safe from UVA rays that can penetrate windows.

The latest sunblock formula to try is an SPF oil.

Instead of lotion, these have an oil base (like a serum) that sink into skin to hydrate without

feeling greasy.

Some also include antioxidants for a double dose of protection.

No matter which sunscreen you choose, use one that protects against UVA and UVB rays

and is at least SPF 30.

Treat Yourself to a Professional Skin Treatment
Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

Healthy eating and good skin care habits are the foundation for younger looking skin.

But if you already have rough patches, fine lines and sun spots (basically everyone

over 25 years old) professional skin treatments can help undo the damage that’s already

been done.

Professional grade peels, facials and microdermabrasions are done with specialized

tools including lasers and radio frequency energy.

Some treatments, like The Perfect Derma chemical peel offered by Sequoia Laser Aesthetics

of Visalia, CA, can produce significant improvements after just one application.

Try a Hyaluronic Acid Infused Moisturizer
Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

Moisturized skin looks years younger because it is plump and smooth.

This helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines and improve the texture of the skin.

Many beauty lines are taking a page out of the filler book and infusing their moisturizers

with hyaluronic acid (HA).

This is the main component of dermal fillers like Juvederm.

Hyaluronic acid that’s naturally produced in the body cushions joints, promotes collagen

production in the skin and provides volume.

Unfortunately, our skin loses HA as we age.

Hyaluronic acid is a fabulous natural moisturizer because it can hold well over 100 times

its weight in water.

This helps to plump the skin and erase lines. Any moisturizer is better than none, but one

with HA can give youthful fullness to your face.

Add Retinol to Your Nightly Routine

Skin Essentials: Non-Invasive Ways to Look Years Younger

Retinol is another antioxidant (vitamin A) that is so beneficial to the skin it deserves

a category all of its own.

It’s a key ingredient of many, many night creams due to its ability to boost collagen

production, reduce wrinkles, refine skin, reverse UVA and UVB damage, reduce pore

size, increase cell turnover and combat acne.

The strength of the retinol in skin care products varies widely from diluted, gentle retinols

to prescription strength 1% retinoid creams that often can’t be used every day.


What are your tips for keeping your skin healthy and young looking?

Share your suggestions, thoughts and comments with us.